David Icke Show: Part 1- Is it all True Series# 106

Two weeks ago I spent 10 + hours having a strange journey along a path created by a Mr. David Icke. Twenty years ago, David felt a presence that opened up his Stargate (as I call it). The same year, in 1989, I was sitting outside a pizza place in Peachtree City, Georgia and inside my head a loud voice said one profound thing to me that changed my life forever– “Reality is not what it seems.” I had been struggling for the past 25 years and the voice made it crystal clear; I had found my direction and my true passion. I was to find the truth about why we were trapped in this strange but very beautiful world. This would carry me through my studies and research on UFOs, abductions, Bigfoot and now the world of vortexes and multi-dimensional beings. One thing I would like to say about 1989 – a rip in the fabric of our dimension was created, we would from that year start seeing out and they could see into our world.

One of David’s main theories is that we are trapped in a prison world, enslaved to Reptilian rulers, who shape-shift into human-types (elites) who control our very being.
And David continues to say (in so many words)- we are a great big emotional farm, only here to feed our reptilian handlers with every drop of our emotional blood. So the more chaos, wars, death, love, sorrow, grief, sex, birth and even high joy that fills their world, the happier the scaly ones are. So under this scenario peace is impossible here on earth. So is it possible to identify these war-makers as a draconian race of serpent people? I believe Icke says it and sees it. Look around they are everywhere. Icke says our handlers have no empathy and they themselves show few, if any, emotions and further need our emotions to survive.

Do I believe the Icke theorem totally? No, but I believe we are in a struggle for survival and 99% of humanity has no clue. But if this theory is true and if the whole world was awakened then our serpent occupiers would be unable to keep us in our prison. The battle is not in the skies, in the seas, or underground- but in our minds.

Sleep tight. Somewhere David Icke is speaking.


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