Startled!…. you awaken….. thinking you just woke up while lying in your own bed, your eyes are not quite yet focused, how can it be morning, already, “you say to yourself”, it must be the sun… it is so bright as you feel the perspective of the sun shining in thru the window. “My gosh!” I don’t think I slept that well during the night. “I feel so tired”. In a dazed mood “what’s the matter with my arm, “I can’t raise it, I can’t move my arm, what the heck is wrong!? “My body!” I can’t turn my body over”! Eyes focusing more clearly as you are becoming more awake, eyes staring upwards glaring on what you thought was the bright sun shining very bright thru your bedroom window…..”Hey what goes on here!” “That’s not the sun”! “That’s a… that’s a light above me” Panic sets in “where am I”?? I’m not in my bedroom! “Why can’t I move my body”!? “Did I get sick, am I in the hospital”?

As your eyes are swishing hurriedly back and forth, you find out that you cannot move your head, you get a glimpse of something so very strange. Something you have never seen before! “Oh my God, what a dream I am having”! “Wake up! Wake up”! You tell yourself. Realizing…you are indeed awake “I am awake!” “I am awake”! “Your mind is going through a tizzy”!

Eyes now focused on the strange looking large pear shaped head that has two large almond shaped black eyes that captivates your being totally! Your body begins the shaking of what I “called” shaking at 50 miles per hour shake! As you break the captive stare into this creature’s large eyes, you see thin arms quickly noticing the three long strange fingers stretching outwards coming directly at you holding some type of strange utensil, “Oh my God!, The pain, the pain, it hurts badly!” “What is happening to me, as you move your eyes and see more of these same types of creatures surrounding you, you either black out to an unconscious realm?

You have just lived a scenario of two to three seconds of an abductee’s first awakening encounter of an abduction experience with the extraterrestrials known as the “Greys’ (or one of the another known extraterrestrials) onboard one of their “ships”. This has been the emotional experience of those of my clients and of myself during our first experience of an abduction. There are no words in our vocabulary to describe an abductee’s first emotional reaction to an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar creatures who have paralyzed you and are doing medical work while onboard their ship.

By the second or third abduction, you begin and are able to describe the “allowed memory” of where you are/were. Sometimes, you are allowed to move your head. You listen intently for any type of noise, and all that you can hear is the movements of (rolling?) tables that hold unidentifiable equipment that is used on your body. You think your screams are being heard by who?? “You”?? Your vocal cords that you use to speak, cry, holler, scream are rendered “quite”. As you nervously look around your environment and in-between the six or seven creatures who are “working” on your body you can begin to describe your unfamiliar place and try to put it into perspective.

Given, I’ve heard all descriptions of the “room” “they” meaning human abductees are in are round rooms, no corners just a smooth metal looking round room. Some rooms glow with the color of aluminum or a silver metal, some reports are the room’s color is a soft beige color. In the medical rooms where the majority of medical treatments are done on humans you may see small black boxes against one wall, where medical equipment along with other “stuff” is held in these black boxes. Some type of sliding door (s) opens up to allow not only the creatures to walk through. When the Extraterrestrials feel you are ready (after many abductions later). While you are under their control, and have no free will yet to move about! For the present time you have become “their” “lab rat” for the many various medical or scientific procedures.

Millions of human abductees are allowed after many abductions to lay awake in their own beds, here on earth, while the extraterrestrials with their finger just touch the human abductee around the temple area of your head. Its like being put to sleep before you are taken…..What is the procedure of “taken” to their ship? Again, it is not necessarily that you are put into an unconscious sleep to be “taken” to their ship. Many human abductees are awake but paralyzed and floated through walls of their home, or if the abductee is outside of their home, many have described a large circular white light that “lifts” them up as in a suction cup carrying the human upward into the darkness of a dark night time sky into the unknown. Again abductions do happen regularly in day light.

You are then deposited in a dark “receiving area” via an opening in the bottom of the ship that is opened and you find yourself lying down on the ship’s floor. Your seemingly weak body is then lifted up as you walk or floated into another room where you are disrobed of your clothing, while noticing many other clothing articles are scattered around. You see children’s, women’s and men’s clothing disheveled. Then you are either carried or floated to the many medical rooms where medical procedures are done or you are taken to the many other areas of interest. To be continued Destination: Unknown

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