Extraterrestrials control on humans

Initially I spoke of myself when these “ungodly creatures” (a name I gave to the extraterrestrials for lack of knowing who they were and eventually learned the “formal” name we humans have given to them as the “Greys’”) had come through the various colored permeating wall of my bedroom towards my bed where I laid in bed that night. As they came closer to me and realizing that I was not hallucinating I could not understand why I could not get away from them as I had tried to quickly crawl out of bed and with my loud cries for help. As these beings came closer to me and touched my body, “feeling their long fingers on my body” the screams, and body movements of terror just to get away from these “ungodly creatures” proved to no avail as my two youngest children, one a young strong man, did not come to my aid. In future abductions with this same reaction happening over many times I still could not understand why my family or no one ever came to my aid. Waking up and being surrounded by these “ungodly creatures” onboard a terrestrial ship, not knowing for a long time I was in a terrestrial ship (I really did not know of my whereabouts but seeing the weird surroundings of my environment added to my nervous system to react the way it did.

Realizing after many abductions, to suddenly and crudely be awakened from a deep sleep and having these “ungodly creatures” staring right into your eyes while their face is in your face as they quickly touch your temple. I immediately felt the touch of a long smooth finger touching the side of my temple. Calmness seems to set in immediately right at the start of an abduction. Calming me to not fight or scream against their actions. I believe this action of theirs puts their human abductees to sleep while being transported to a terrestrial ship because when I would “wake up” onboard their ship and being able to see what was transpiring to me and the reactions of my body was not moving “ninety miles per hour” or screaming as loud as I could scream. This repeated action of theirs is not necessarily true, because with day time and many night time abductions that do occur when the abductee is awake and physically transported by a light beam onto the waiting ship while I believe is held paralyzed but fully awake against their will.

Not until many years later after I received help from compassionate individuals in this phenomenon and attending workshops thus meeting other alien/MILAB abductees I did learn of the various forms that not only did the Greys use this technique to calm and put to “rest” their human subject. Other forms of usage were spoken of as an example a gaze into your eyes by the appointed extraterrestrial. Many abductees believed they had been injected by a syringe to complete this process. These extraterrestrials also have a way to eliminate the sound of your voice to where it cannot be heard. In my case, yes, I thought I had heard my own voice screaming loudly. It was explained to me that in my mind to the reactions, yes, only in my mind did I hear my own sound of my voice screaming, but no actual sound was coming out of my vocal cords. Having worked with many of my hypnotherapy clients, I get asked the same questions “Why did no one hear my screams or my call for help?” All of these extraterrestrials are far more intelligent than any human here on our planet earth. Their known technology in many various fields is far advanced than ours. In their advanced capabilities lie the hidden “powers” of control especially towards the human being this includes the know how to be able to paralyze the human being. I would like more input from my audience if someone can further not only my education on these previous topics.

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  1. Wow – what amazing stories Gloria. I am working on a television show that is telling the sorities specifically of women that have been abducted. Please contact me if you are interesed in participating or getting more info on the project. Please note, we are simply telling these women’s stories, there will be no counter pointing or attempts to debunk anyones experiences.
    Evan Cecil , ececil@indigofilms.com

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