ForbiddenKnowledgeTV— Do the reptilians walk among us?

It appears that urban legends about reptilians among us won’t go away, no matter how absurd they seem! Perhaps it is because beneath the neocortex of each one of us, at the core of our noodle, lies what’s called the reptilian brain, which is believed to be responsible for instinctual behaviors involved in aggression, dominance, territoriality and ritual displays.

Regardless, this cleverly-made clip discusses the prominence of reptilian characters in ancient myths from traditions around the globe and it also traces the modern era of the development of reptoid mythology, to the early 1930s writings of G. Warren Shufelt of Los Angeles, CA. He claimed to have discovered subterranean labyrinths beneath an underground city built by an advanced race of “Lizard People” some 5,000 years ago.

According to a series of stories published in the Los Angeles Times in 1933, it was alleged that some of these tunnels ran for 20 miles from under Santa Monica Bay and that man-made gold was found in these chambers and passageways.

Despite hard evidence of their existence today, this pervasive belief that humanoid reptiles are controlling the human race ranked the 10th most Popular Conspiracy Theory by writer, Vicki Santillano, in a 2009 article she wrote for


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