Georgia Powerball, and a Bigfoot in a Box–Is it all True Series #45

I lived in Georgia for 15 years, and I met many interesting people. I also have a child going to college there. But I have also met several people who would rather prank you then say –Hay! Now, let me say, there is no doubt in my mind that there are Sasquatch. But I am having a problem with this Bigfoot in a Box. First its looks quite fake because the head looks like a typical ape costume head. The body looks like an old fur rug thrown in a pile, with a couple of pig entrails lying on top of the rug. I truly would have thought that if this was in fact real that a more credible picture would have been in order. This doesn’t look like any witness drawings I have seen over the last twenty years.

So I called my dear friend and colleague Kewaunee Lapseritis BA, MS, MH, a field researcher of Bigfoot and their relationships in our world and other worlds. Kewaunee has 52 years of interacting with Sasquatch and over 950 contact events over the past 29 years. He sized up the possibility of a Bigfoot being captured or found dead as an extremely rare event. I would say it is like winning the powerball lottery 2 weeks in a row. Kewaunee said the Sasquatch move in family groups or clan and are extremely protective of each other and have the ability to move between dimensions, making it impossible to capture. Only hair and stool have been found. Mr.K continues that Sasquatch are a highly evolved group of beings and they know their environment very well.

The man leading this Bigfoot in the Box show is Tom Barcardi, a man with it all on the line. Unfortunately his creditability has been damaged due to past indiscretions. I remember when George Noory chewed Tom out on his show for not being straight with the public on some Bigfoot information and a money issue. Also Matt and Ric, the Georgia peaches who found the Bigfoot or whatever it is, have worked for Tom Barcardi in the past according to another researcher who was with Tom, Ric and Matt hunting Bigfoot in the Rockies last year. There are some strange inconsistencies in this case. I would move forward cautiously. This may be a further test of man’s integrity and his understanding of other beings among us.

Lastly Kewaunee did say that Bigfoot isn’t infallible, they can be, but have rarely been, caught off guard.

Was this that rare time? Time will tell. In this infinite universe even a guy like Tom Barcardi could get lucky and hit the jackpot!


Post Script,—- I originally wrote this 08/15/08 the Friday before the famous or not so famous news conference , on” Bigfoot in the Box”. Now we all know it was a very bad hoax. Maybe one good thing has come out of this—- no more Tom Barcardi to embarrass the real Sasquatch researchers and there are some real good ones of high integrity.


If you see one , looking like this- you may have something.

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