Men in Black -an Audrey experience-Is it all True? < The Series part 13

Audrey, a sweet southern gal, has had some amazing experiences with non-human visitors for most of her life. In the summer 1987 my sister and I visited Audrey at her parents’ home in North Carolina. She at that time was 23 years old with two super smart kids who assured me they spoke to small beings on a regular basis. As we pulled up to Audrey’s parents’ home I noticed a large bald area on their lawn near their home. The area was a near perfect circle about 20 ft. in diameter. This bald circular spot had been there for 14 years and only in the last couple of years had a few blades of grass started to grow inside this large strange circle.

This circle appeared during a week long succession of abductions involving 9-year-old Audrey. This was a tough period for Audrey who was having wild lucid dreams about big-eyed beings taking her for the ride of her life with the typical probing and scoop mark scars as reminders of these experiences.

Then a week later while her grandmother was babysitting her; there was a strong urgent knock on the door. Audrey went to open the door with her grandmother right behind her. There were two official looking guys who introduced themselves as being from the Special Investigation Unit of the US Government; they even briefly flashed badges, which looked like they came from a cowboy sheriff play set. Upon close examination these two guys looked quite strange, dark suits with big baggy pants, old fedora hats (like something from the late 30’s and 40’s), darks glasses and porcelain skin. They talked very slow and in a monotone voice with no emotion. They were very interested in Audrey and how she was feeling and they wanted to touch her to see how she felt. Grandma didn’t like what she was hearing. They said for their family’s good what happened this last week must be forgotten. And as they tried to step further into the house toward her granddaughter, Grandma pushed one of them out the door. It/ he felt light as a feather, they both turned in unison and floated across the ground to their brand new looking black Cadillac and when they got into the car, it seemed to disappear. The Grandmother was visibly shaken for about a week. Audrey was somewhat amused by it all.
So although the MIBs were not very effective, Audrey never forgot.

MIBs disappeared from the UFO scene about 5 years after this experience; they were probably called back to planet X or Y and retired to the junkyard.

Enjoy…Sleep tight — feel safe the CIA is watching over you.



A girl with Men in Black or white …

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