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  1. Light speed is not Constant (to observer) !!

    All that we receive with our eyes are the facts of the past (unchangeable). Wavelength of incident light is coming from the past. On incident light, a formula c = ? f stands up. And ? is unchangeable (by our motion). Terms f and c change.

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  2. Aether

    Speed of light relative to mediums (water or air) is constant. Speed of light relative to aether (physical substance) is constant also. This is shown by aberrations.

  3. Constancy of speed of light (Reexamination)

    Constancy of speed of light is not possible always. No, it will be
    possible limitedly in the following two events only. Btw, speed of
    light in mediums is not subject of this reexamination.

    1) A measurement point and a light source are stationary in the same
    inertial frame. Distance between the two is within a few light
    seconds. Speed of light is c.
    2) A measurement point is stationary in aether frame. Light
    propagated in aether is coming to this point. Distance from the
    light source is more than a few light sveconds. Speed of light will
    not be c.

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