Richard G. Santos

Last week we asked if anyone else had seen the strange lights, or UFOs reported by Crystal City resident Robert Hernandez. Well, even before last week’s column appeared in the Sentinel, Beto Bosquez, an Asherton resident and professional with impeccable credentials surprisingly told me about also seeing the mysterious lights. On Friday February 1st and again a week later on the 8th and both times about 9 PM, Beto was surprised by what he saw in the night sky.
On the first incident, three rapidly moving bright amber-reddish lights appeared west of Asherton moving toward the south. They stopped, flickered on and off, then moved rapidly before disappearing. At this point Beto is not sure if the lights went off or simply moved out of view. Exactly a week later as Beto was driving from Brundage toward Asherton on highway 190 when he again saw three bright lights. They seemed to be west of Asherton. Again, the mysterious lights (or unidentified flying objects) seemed to be stationary, bright reddish-orange or amber in color and periodically flickering on and off.
The St. Edwards University business major graduate and Pearsall finance director, noted if the lights were high flying and distant aircraft, they might be seen but not heard. If they had been helicopters, they would have been heard and not necessarily seen at a great distance. He also noted that on both occasions the lights seemed to be flying west of Asherton-Carrizo Springs and therefore over or beyond Highway 277. This becomes important as Homeland Security has blimps, helicopters and small planes patrolling the Rio Grande. They might also have remote controlled robotic drones.
Last Wednesday as soon as the Sentinel became available, Mario Chavez called to report he had also seen the mysterious lights south of Carrizo Springs. This occurred this last Sunday night February 10th. He described the lights as being a bright yellowish-white color that appear and re-appear rapidly. “The objects were not firing flares or using searchlights,” says Mario. “I have seen the Air Force do that on previous occasions and these lights were not it.” Like the other sources, he also does not have an explanation as to the mysterious lights appearing in the night sky east, south and west of Carrizo Springs.
Readers should bear in mind that Robert Hernandez, Beto Bosquez and Mario Chavez are reliable eye-witnesses with impeccable credentials. Therefore, until solid evidence emerges, the mysterious, seemingly rapidly moving lights high in the sky east, west and south of Carrizo Springs and Asherton, will remain unidentified flying objects. In closing, has it occurred to anyone that instead of “little green men”, the men behind these sighting may be grown men and women in green Migra uniforms? Incidentally, I still want to know how come nobody ever reports “little green women”. And I note, women with eyes of blue, hazel, brown and ojos moros café oscuros like Maria Isabel’s dark brown eyes turning green with flashes of red do not count. Ayyyyyyyyyyy.

Zavala County Sentinel – 13-14, 2008

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