Richard G. Santos

Ezequiel “Zeke” Romero’s property borders Espantosa Lake in Dimmit County, Texas. He has reported a different type of inexplicable experience. That is, that he stocked a water tank with bass, blue gill, channel cat and minnows so that he and invitees could fish at their leisure. The problem is that all fish disappeared one night! He drained the tank and there were no fish or remains of fish to be found. All vegetation in the tank was dead but again, there were no traces of any fish ever having been in the tank. As difficult as it is to believe this incident, another rancher off Cometa Road near Crystal City also reported he had the same experience about two and a half years earlier! Both ranchers reported all fish in their stocked tanks simply disappeared without a trace! That is, no dead fish, skeletons, pieces thereof; nada. In this case, he called some specialists from Texas A & M University who analyzed the water, soil, etc. but could find no explanation for the overnight disappearance of the fish. The game warden could also not furnish an explanation. One final thing, both ranchers reported their tanks were full of drum fish overnight. That is, that neither re-stocked their tanks with any kind of fish but one day the tanks were full of drum fish.
As if on cue, I got a long distance call from a friend who speaks in paragraphs. She was all excited about an incident that occurred last Wednesday. It seems she had experienced an unpleasant incident at work with a fellow worker. It really irritated her and she could not get it out of her mind as she drove to a medical appointment some 60 miles from home. She had remained quiet and did not speak before the appointment but on the way back home, the driving companion finally asked her to speak up and explain what had upset her so much.
She began to recall the incident step by step and the more she spoke the more excited and irate she became. Still several miles from Warsaw, Indiana the driver noticed the car radio was losing volume, the lights seem to be getting weaker and the battery indicator was reporting a drop in its charge. Seeing a mechanic shop at the outskirt of town, they stopped to have the car checked while they went across the street to a restaurant. An hour later when they returned to meet with the mechanic he told them there was nothing absolutely wrong with the car. It seems that a thorough check by computer and hand had failed to find anything wrong!
They continued their trip for the remaining thirty miles in dead silence. Approaching their hometown my friend saw her place of employment and again started discussing what had happened at work. Once again the car started acting up. This time the lights were going on and off, the radio went from loud to silent and even the overhead light inside the car was coming on and off without anyone touching it! The driver asked my friend to drop the subject and not even think about what had happened at work. Apparently my fiend who was not saying a word must have been reviewing the incident in her mind as the car jerked, lights flashed and blinked and the radio kept acting up.
My friend called back Thursday morning to report the driver had just told her the car was no longer acting up and that another mechanic had reported there was nothing wrong with the car. She shared the incident because she wanted my opinion on what might have happened. All I could think of was that she always demonstrated a strong character and easy-going personality unless if upset.
Although her blonde hair does not change color, her blue eyes take a dark green hue and her light pale face turns bright red if she is angered. So without giving any opinion I advised her to try to control her temper and perhaps pray instead of venting anger.

ZAVALA COUNTY SENTINEL ………. 17-18 Dec 2008 …. Crystal City, Texas

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