Shaman Stone Soup: True-Life Stories that Show Miracles can Happen to Anyone!


I am excited to let you know that my new book, Shaman Stone Soup, has received excellent reviews from Sandra Ingerman, Hal Z Bennett, Awareness Magazine, Cindy Lora-Renard and others. It has also received comments from readers who emailed me to say how much the book’s message has helped them understand their spiritual journey. Many have even commented that they have felt the Spirit’s presence while reading the book!

“Unique and captivating!” Shaman Stone Soup is a collection of “beautifully written and heartfelt” true-life stories. Inside you can read about the ghost who overstayed her welcome, the spirits of ancient wise men who provided a miraculous cure from cancer, a conversation with a hurricane and its unintended impact, the man who got out of his wheelchair to go hunting and fishing, healing the karmic ties of a young college boy, a vivid dream of a pastor who needed guidance, the transformation of a schizophrenic, the loving contact from her mother who died unexpectedly, and more.
Shaman Stone Soup offers:

“…a real example of what can be accomplished through the power of trust.”
—Sandra Ingerman

“…an inspiring and educational journey into the nature of shamanism…”
—Cindy Lora-Renard

“…a journey into the world of the Shaman and the miraculous power of love in the healing process.”
—Louis LaGrand, Ph.D.

“…valuable glimpses into the deep and universal spiritual roots of all healing processes.”
— Hal Z Bennett

“…a guide book for those who have awakened, and for those who have yet to awaken, but are feeling the stirring of their own personal impending and inevitable wake-up call.”
— Joy Ayscue

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Shaman Elizabeth

Inspirational Thought

I had a revelation the other day. I realized that I have been making plans my whole life, and living by the motto, “God helps those who help themselves.” I started a graphic design firm when I was 25, and was inspired to do so. However, 15 years later, when I felt that I was being called to do something else, I resisted the calling and suffered a long period where my business began to slowly, but surely, decline. The sales pitches fell flat and my clients slowly dwindled. I had hit a brick wall and consciously knew my career was ending. But, graphic design was all I had ever done, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Even when other intuitives repeatedly told me I was healer, I didn’t believe it was possible to live a life as a healer or support myself financially.

The Spirit has a way of working within the confines of our lives, and dealt with me patiently as It loosened my grip on each thing I held dear. This process would have gone much smoother and painlessly had I not resisted the new path. But, the attachments to my old life were strong and not easily broken. As long as I believed what I was leaving behind was valuable, it was perceived as making a sacrifice. I was still making decisions on my own for what I thought were in my best interest. But, what I didn’t yet comprehend was… I didn’t know what was in my best interest. I was so fully encompassed within the world’s view of success that I couldn’t accurately see what was worthless and what was valuable. It wasn’t until I started following the Spirit’s guidance that I began to find true happiness… the kind money can’t buy!

My current lesson is letting go of making decisions for myself and to rely on the Spirit. Although I have been following the Spirit more than ever before, I had still kept aspects of my life to myself. I was trying to walk down two paths—follow the Spirit, but keep the world’s path as a backup. But, now I know that I need to listen to the quiet voice inside of me—the voice that is linked to all that is and let it fully guide me, all day long.

It seems like a tough decision to stop making my own decisions, and it has taken my whole life to get to this point. But, ultimately, there are no destinations, only present moments filled with love and the faith that I am following my true destiny.

Blessed journeys!
Shaman Elizabeth

Upcoming Event

On March 15, 2011, I have been invited to speak to Eastern Carolina University’s Physician Assistants student body and faculty about shamanic healing.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to introduce the concept of a higher power’s ability to interact with our spiritual self to remove all illusions of illness, and reestablish our natural state of health and happiness.

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