Solar Angels Bring Heart Energy — From Sandy Penny

On September 4, 2012, I got up from my computer to get a drink of water. When I returned, I found this image displayed full size on my desktop. I had not seen the image before. It was from, but I had not been to that site for a while.

When I checked into it, I found a whole host of angelic looking aurora photos taken between Sept. 2-4 as a result of the massive CME Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun on Aug. 31. I created a slide show of them.

I asked my guides, and they gave me some explanation. That night, I could see these auroras in my field of vision when I closed my eyes. I awoke with the name of a blog in my mind, HeartWarp. I looked it up, and it was not being used, so I created a blog about this experience. Here’s the link to the full story and below is the video of the many aurora photos I found along with channeled information about what is happening in the 5th dimensional transition.

It is meant to inspire and reveal how these multidimensional realities work. By meditating on this photo, you will receive a 5th dimensional download, and 5th dimensional training is available at night in dreamtime if you attune to it before going to sleep. Enjoy.

HeartWarp Blog: Solar Angels Bring Heart Energy to Earth

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