Synchronicity in Action – Think it– Create it–Is it all True Series #216

After I wrote my last week’s posting about Synchronicity – it started the ball rolling. So here we go, for a couple of weeks I had been looking for a good massage therapist (having recent lower back pain) so when I went to get a haircut, my stylist had on her table some fliers about a local therapist. My stylist gave the massage therapist high marks. So I went to her and got a great massage. One interesting thing I learned about this therapist she had Native American blood and Celtic blood in her background. As I have researched in the past these people have special healing abilities. You can search my site for more postings on this subject, in upper right corner put in “Celtic”, especially the posting called “Native American and the Celtic Code”.

So that night after the massage an incredible dream developed involving a new purpose and goal in my life, build a Center for the Alternate Sciences. The Center studies would include UFOs and related interdimensional being contact, the paranormal and ancient technologies to help re-balance the earth. The Center would located around Albuquerque New Mexico, but not in the city. The center’s location would have to have great close views of the Sandias and valley views toward Santa Fe. This vision had great details about the buildings of the Center Complex. The main building would be a magnificent piece of art, worthy of people traveling many miles just to see it. It would need a lecture hall to seat exactly 1111 people. The building would have much glass throughout using passive solar to the max. The entrance would have 4 large pillars of crystals from a special cave in Mexico. Next I was instructed to build a copy of the Great Pyramid to a 1/11 scale and with internal rooms for some special type of mediation. The details given of the Complex construction were amazing. Ok show me the money; the vision said it would come, starting with 25 million dollars from one donor.

If you are that donor – email me at

Ok it sound all quite crazy, but the power of synchronicity and the zero point field, can re-build the world. If more chapters develop to this post I will share.

Sleep Tight – sometimes all we need to do – is push out our dreams into infinite universe and wait. It can be that easy. And also get a great massage – it could open doors to places you can only dream of.


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