The Blue Basin, Dream Central or Reality Control? Part 1 -Is it all True Series #114

A close friend of mine many years took a mini-expedition to Peru with a group lead by a shaman type character. The Shaman on one part of the trip took them to an underground cave area, which had strange writing at the entrance of the cave. Next they walked deep into this underground chamber, there she and her fellow trip mates fell into a trance like dream state. They seem to all have some type of paranormal dreams, with otherworldly beings, in strange and sometimes very beautiful places.

My friend was taken in her dream state to a place she calls the Blue Basin, a vast underground city/ community of great beauty. Her initial visit seemed to be a general tour, to get her comfortable with her surrounding; little did she know this was just the beginning.

My friend we can call Arielle has had on going dream/real trips to this Blue Basin. What she has derived from these adventures is as follows, this basin area was enormous with many different beings all working together for some positive agenda, (at least that is the feeling that was projected). The beings seemed to be from many different places other worlds, dimensions, and other hyper-dimensions, sort of a Star Wars bar scene situation.

This basin area was controlled by a council of twelve groups of three beings each- a triad a total of thirty-six. The members of each triad were all different types of beings and they worked in unison. Arielle was in such a group, her other two legs of her triad were, one a very tall beautiful being with a human shapes. The other leg (partner) had no shape; it was a sound (like a high pitched crystal). The triad wore medallions around their necks and the sound being’s- it just hangs in mid-air .The medallions were made of exotic metals in the shape of three concentric circles.

This Council was not a governing body, as we humans would think, they were managers. They used holographic technology to zoom-in and zoom-out to see all parts of our universe including all dimensions. Their main mission was to plan, monitor, and help in a positive way to control the flow of all types of cosmic energy. They were proud and passionate about their jobs.

Our dreams can carry us to amazing locations in this universe and beyond and more on the Blue Basin next week in part two.

Sleep Tight – dream long.

blue basin
Area above the Blue Basin.

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