The Cosmic War Continues– Is it all True Series #105

The Cosmic War Continues

As a follow-up to my posting two weeks ago, we just bombed the Moon. We sent a missile into a dark crater near the lunar South Pole. Did we know if there were some living creatures hanging out there? If there were, boy we just made the Moon inhabitants super pissed. Who do we think we are? We think we can bomb anyone, anytime and are always able to justify it in our pea brains. I thought a few weeks ago we had found water, so now we want to make a big man-made lake with a hole-making bomb. One universal principle about humans and non-humans is that when you mess with someone else’s property, it makes the owner very very angry.

We never learn from our history, the testing of the first A-bomb in New Mexico and dropping of the H- bombs on Japan got the attention of the Earthlings and Inter-dimensional beings alike. The new age of UFO’s started shortly after those events including the abduction of millions of humans.

So what is next for this, as I call it, the “Cosmic War”? Will they bring their inter-dimensional ships and put the full force of their power against our stone-age technology.
We (Americans) have no more chance against these non-human beings as against the Afghans, another history lesson which we will never learn.

My expectation is that ID beings will show up shortly in mass as strange apparitions and probably scare the hell out of us, putting huge holographic projections on earth and on the face of the moon. It may be our last warning; they have been patient with their children and their children are not playing nice. We have killed millions of our own and destroyed this once emerald jewel of the galaxy. Time is running out for us guys.

Sorry “man in the moon”– our reptilian part of our little brain is dominating our reasoning- forgive us, we know not what we do.

Sleep tight – but don’t be surprised if one day the moon is moved to another planet more worthy of its beauty.


Moon admiration

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