The White Frogs? By Mary Muñoz © October 26, 2008

Probably the most documented and sighted incident in my life and that of my family would occur on September 3, 2000 at a place called the UFO Watchtower, owned and operated by Judy Messoline. Now let me back up to the events that led to the incident to put everything in perspective.
In the earlier part of August 2000 the family and I had ventured up to Denver to drop off one of Abe’s daughters. On the way up Abe wanted to get a copy of the Rocky Mountain News. It had been almost seven months since he had a chance to keep up with the news in the area and wanted to see what was going on. In the paper he saw an article on a place called the UFO Watchtower and read it to us on the trip. What is interesting about the UFO Watchtower is its location. It happens to be located in the San Luis Valley in south central Colorado. Since I had already read a book by Christopher O’Brian about the area I was fascinated that someone would have created a Tower so that others could watch for the activity reported in the area.
Upon our return trip home we decided to find the Tower and see what it was all about and truthfully I was hoping that we might see something on the way. We arrived at the Tower in the afternoon and to greet us was Judy Messoline. Judy is an amazing individual and what I found to be most unique about her was she did not pass judgment, as I would have expected when it came to the UFO phenomena. She was very opened minded and it made me feel extremely comfortable in who I was. For the most part I have kept this part of my life a secret except for only a select few. Ridicule was not something that I was willing to deal with at the time.
During the visit we found out that Judy had a campsite area and there had been reported experiences that had occurred there. The family and I made the decision that we would take the opportunity to come up over the Labor Day weekend and camp to see if we could have something similar happen with us. Call us the UFO hunters.
Upon returning home I made the effort to make a call to my dad to tell him of the place I had just been to. My dad was the one who introduced me to Christopher O’Brian’s book. We talked briefly and I told him we were going to camp over the weekend of Labor Day to see if we could see anything ourselves. This is when my dad jumps on the bandwagon joining us for this adventure. He was interested in what was going on there also.
September 2, 2000 came and we are all headed up the Tower for the campout. My dad, his wife, and my nephew were in the one car. Abe, Hannah, and I were in the other. My dad did not want to experience the rough life, so he got a hotel in a town just south of the location called Alamosa. He allowed our nephew to hang with us at the tent that night instead of hanging out with the grandparents in a hotel room.
We get there, set up the campsite, had dinner, and spent the early evening talking to Judy at the tower. Finally it was late enough to call it a night. The four of us head to the tent. This included my nephew, Hannah, Abe, and me. The tent could only hold at the maximum of four people. We all crammed into the small space, located our resting position, and went to sleep.
When we began to wake up the next morning each of us in the tent had an interesting amount of information to share about their night. After we shared our events with one another we went to Judy, who was at the Tower, and told her of what had happened. It was then that she shared something her son had recorded early in the AM about what he had experienced that night too. Judy’s son was visiting his mom at the time. And listed below is each occurrence as seen or heard by the individual.
1. My nephew: He asked if we had seen the roulette wheel that went over the tent. He had seen what he believed was a roulette wheel rotating above the tent. He explained that it went to the north and he then could see the Chico’s light up on the side of the tent walls. He also heard something like talking, but he wasn’t sure what was being said. Then he looked over and saw that Abe was not in his sleeping bag, but the tent door was zippered shut.
2. Hannah: She heard what she terms chattering. She said that there were many individuals outside of the tent speaking, but she couldn’t determine what was being said and how many individuals there might be.
3. Myself: I heard the microwaves that are given off by the ships. Note: I had the same experience in 1995 and was given this term of microwaves. When it was occurring I wanted to wake up but couldn’t. The more I tried to the harder it became and the next thing I knew it was morning.
4. Abe: Sat up after we had been discussing this for some time and stated, “I had the weirdest dream ever.” He then shared it. He said that he was outside the tent. To the north west of the location was a ship that was grayish in color, forty foot across, and was approximately 2 – 3 feet off the ground. Outside the ship was little white, similar to grey like beings, with emerald eyes, that had legs that reminded him of frogs. They were hopping around the area. His exact words were at that moment was, “What the world is going on?” He then saw a 6 – 7 foot being walking towards him that was a tall grey and not white like the others. And then he woke up to us talking about the night’s events.
5. Judy’s son: He woke up in the early morning hours to go to the bathroom. Upon returning to bed he had seen a light over the tower area. He then saw the light zoom off to the north at a high rate of speed.
6. There was a sixth observer, my dad, but he was not at the location where it happened. His experience was waking up in the early morning hours, about the time Judy’s son had woke up and felt uneasy. He looked to the north, where we were located, but couldn’t see anything from his vantage point. He relayed this us as he came by to pick up my nephew for a day of sightseeing.

All these experiences were recorded and listed in a book that Judy later published called, “That Crazy Lady Down the Road.” The extent of the information is not as detailed as here just because back then we were confused and scared on how much information we should share.
There were at least 5 confirmed witnesses and 1 witness that only had a feeling. We each had a different experience yet it all meshed together in the end. What happened did affect some, but it was my nephew who had to admit there might be something else to this world. He was not a believer at that point in time.
But it doesn’t end there.

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