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UFO Files – Black Box Files: A study of various
landmark UFO encounters, from World War II
to the 1990s, and a look at rumors of classified
military aircraft incorporating alien technology
into their designs.

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  1. keep putting it out there superb i have seen
    one myself 2004 i was as close as enyone could be to a ufo for about an hour it was going up and down from about a foot tofive feet of from the ground i when it passed me i started walking behind it was moving very slow it had no arials or insignia but it had a window in the side obout 4 ft by 4ft it was black glass i could see flames flickerin up out of round holes the body was round it sloped down towards the back like a car boot thats where the window was i could not see a window at the font becourse of the light oh the top as it was going over this open field a light plane came in very low over from my right and circled round the ufo and then went of to teeside airfiel d all in daylight cloudless sky no wind the ufo never made eny noise at all it just slowly went over the field to the houses and just climed over the top till i lost sight of it i

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