Apocalypse Island and 2012 – a relationship or just an interesting tale? Is it all True Series #134

Two weeks ago I watched an interesting presentation on the History Channel, called Apocalypse Island. The island’s name I guess came from one side of the 2012 saga, the tragic side. The researcher responsible for this adventure and show is named Jim Turner. Jim has been looking at the 2012 scenario for many years. He has collected Mayan artifacts and went to this island in the Pacific called “ Apocalypse “ which he says is the key to the 2012 mystery in the form of two special monuments.

This island is several hundred miles west of Santiago, Chile. As I was doing some on-line research -wow- a lot of people, some non-academic folks and some trained professionals such as archeologists were crying Boo-who to this documentary. I will agree there were some red flags flying high.

In the documentary there was a lot of time wasted talking about the travel arrangements and showing trivial moments before getting to the island for the real adventure. Most of the verbiage was on the 2012 conspiracy theory stuff we have all heard by now. The island was quite small, but they dragged out the hike to the monuments for three days. It seems that they were filling in time because there was little or no meat. Finally at monument you see brief shots of the monuments and an artistic rendition, but no long looks, again a red flag. And where were the masterful carving from the Mayan culture, which are scattered from Mexico to South America? The Mayan built structures out of stone and they didn’t carve out ridges in mountains as Turner stated here. There were no signs of cut stone, rubble, glyphs or anything that points to something made by man, let alone the Mayans.

Now some thoughts on 2012, some people are now speculating Mayan’s prediction includes the world’s recent latest crisis, economic, political, financial, and environmental as precursors to the bigger 2012 event. I say no to them. 2012 will be a cosmic event. Our solar system will pass through a higher-level vibratory energy, which will elevate us, humans to a new age. It will be quite sudden and only a few will notice. True the Mayan long calendar ends on Dec.21, 2012 at 11:11 am (the time is famous in its own right), but that doesn’t mean the world ends, just a new era begins for mankind and a new Mayan calendar.

Well I am not sure but the History Channel may have been duped. If there is some truth here maybe a team of scientists will venture to the island do an intense investigation of this tale. I am sure the closer we get to 2012 the more postulations, speculations, straight fiction, hoaxes and even some truth will surface- all to keep this coming new age in our consciousness

Sleep tight for conspiracy and speculation makes the world turn, at the very least it makes it fun.