2015 – Poor Man's Prophecies # Is it all True Series# 341

Prophecy as I always say is for amateurs, but it makes a fun posting and our viewers seem to like it.
So here we go for 2014- How did I score? — The below is from my 2014 predictions and the results –I originally posted the predictions on Jan 05 2014.

And here are the 2014 predictions — and My Results

1. Pope continues on his People’s Pope Agenda until a huge event shakes the Vatican. – True he is continuing his reforms ,, and the people are liking him, but nothing huge shakes up the Vatican , just some of the same issues plaguing the Vatican.– I get a 1/2 pt.
2. Severe drought in the Southeast will redevelop in late spring– No wrong
3. A bad January for US weather will welcome a February Spring – No fairly Bad to Average balance of the Winter

4.There will be unusual large meteorites entering the earth atmosphere- Yes there were several ,, including a Monster in Russia which injured a thousand people

5. There will be a huge unknown explosion in Brazil. No wrong

6. Winter Games will not go well for Putin. — Generally the games went well, But Putin got major Heat from the huge price-tag of the Games – 1/2 pt.
7. Japan will suffer another 7.5 or larger earthquake , further damaging Fukushima. Nope- wrong
8. A very powerful hurricane season will fully make up for the passive 2013 season in the Atlantic basin.- No wrong extremely light season
9. Unexpected temperature drop ( world average) surprise climate change scientists, but its just part of the Change, yes sort of right — cooler than it has been especially Midwest and the Eastern part of the US. — say 1/2 right
10.I finally predict we will make it to see 2015- 100% right , unless something huge hits the fan in the last 10 days of 2014.

Final Score for 2014 3.5 right and 6.5 wrong — or a correct % of 35–well that sucks

Now the new predictions for 2015

1. There will be a huge scandal in the world of American Lottery — The criminals won’t probably surprise you.
2. Hacking on the internet will stop millions from buying products on-line and banking on-line will sharply decline.
3. Warm- wet winter for US ,, following by a very cool spring and hot summer.
4.Three bigger than life movie stars will die within weeks of each other.
5.Because of the decline in Oil prices – Russia’s economy will start to fall apart , and a world-wide recession will start the end of 2015
6. War drums will start sounding — players will be Russia, China, Iran , Israel and of course the US.
7. More large meteors will continue to hit the earth. One will hit close to major world city and kill two thousand people.
8. World knowledge about the damage Fukushima has done to mankind will continue to grow.
9. Chicago Cubs will win the World Series
10. Ebola will start spreading again around the world moving into India and Southeast Asia. Maybe a new and more dangerous strain.

Well sleep tight – I predict you have a 100% chance the sun will rise tomorrow.


Messages from Other Worlds -Is it all True Series # 315

ToddMichaelWe as humans are getting messages from many sources, verbally from family members, media, email through the internet, through dreams and directly from inter-dimensional entities. In all of these communication types there is a degree of interpretation. We are all fairly comfortable with all the types except dreams and IDE. Dreams for most people need to be written down quickly after the dream is finished or 90% of the dream can be lost within 30 minutes.

Now the IDE (inter-dimensional entities) messages, well they are very complex and layered. I am not going to talk about the content of the messages, but rather who is getting the messages and maybe a few reasons why these people are chosen.

People have been getting messages from Gods, Angels and Demons for a very long time. Humans of Royal blood have claimed contact with these beings since the beginning of time. I believe some of these Royals have had contact, because it would serve the IDEs well to contact leaders if their motive was control of the masses.
Next, religious leaders; again control of the masses would play a role in IDE contact, but here I feel some of this contact is a fabrication which religious leaders have used for their agendas.

Last, individuals; people of no particular background, wealth and even interest in IDE have been contacted and given messages. This last group is the most common and I will state here the majority of humans have had some type of IDE contact but not all with messages attached. To get a message you have to be open to the contact and willing at some level to embrace this type of encounter. If you are not the embracing type this experience will be only a contact and not a vehicle of Cosmic wisdom.

Sleep Tight, be fearless and open and the universe will reward you.


The Solar Cycle– From Accuweather .com


July 09, 2013; 6:22 AM

Like many things in life, our star, the Sun, has a cyclical nature. The solar cycle is the change in the sun’s activity including solar flares, sunspots, amount of radiation (energy) leaving the sun and other solar phenomena.

Solar cycles have an average duration of about 11 years, though cycles as short as 9 and as long as 14 years have been observed. They have been observed (by changes in the sun’s appearance and by other changes seen on Earth, such as auroras) for hundreds of years.

Solar variation causes changes in space weather, weather and climate on Earth.

Right now, we are near the peak of solar cycle 24. In 1848, Rudolf Wolf reconstructed the solar cycle back to 1745, and that is why we number the cycle we are now in #24.

A graph of Solar Cycle 24

As you can see, we are just about at the peak of solar cycle 24, and what also can be seen is that we are nowhere near as active as the last peak. This is not entirely unusual, as the graph below shows. No two peaks are exactly the same and some can vary dramatically from one cycle to the other.

Sunspot observations the last 400 years. Note that sunspot numbers before 1745 are approximated.

Though no two cycles are the same, one cycle to the next usually does show a bit of a pattern. For example, a rather active solar peak is usually followed by another active peak. That is why this cycle is causing astronomers a mild surprise.

Fellow AccuWeather Astronomy on Facebookadministrator Mark Combellack said about this solar cycle: “People are hyping anything this solar cycle as it has been amazingly quiet for the most part in the big spot and large flare department.”

What does this cycle being rather quiet mean for the average person? Well, for one, aurora activity may be less active than normal near a solar cycle peak. Also noticeable is that there is a smaller threat for any disruptions in communications and technological devices that depend on satellites. Also, there are some people that believe that because the sun is not that active, the Earth’s atmosphere may be slightly cooler as well.

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And please keep the astronomy pictures coming. They have been simply amazing. Ask questions, share comments, share anything.

NASA Discovers Hidden Portals in Earth's Upper Atmosphere


By: David Jay Brown

Every science fiction fan is familiar with the concept of an interdimensional “portal,” or an opening in the fabric of space and time that allows space voyagers to travel faster than the speed of light, through “hyperspace,” as a quick shortcut to anywhere, or any-when, in the universe.

The fictional concept is based upon the theory of “wormholes” in quantum physics, which are short “tunnels” that superluminally connect distant points of the space-time continuum with one another through a higher dimension.

Image: This hypothetical spacecraft with a “negative induction ring was inspired by recent theories describing how space could be warped with negative energy to produce hyperfast transport to reach distant star systems. In the 1990’s, NASA Glenn lead the Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project, NASA’s primary effort to produce near-term, credible, and measureable progress toward the technology breakthroughs needed to revolutionize space travel and enable interstellar voyages. Credit:NASA.

Related to the notion of wormholes in quantum physics are “magnetic portals” in astrophysics, as both types of phenomena allow for distant points in space to be closely connected in ways that seem to defy conventional logic.

NASA recently reported that University of Iowa plasma physicist Jack Scudder discovered that there are regions in the Earth’s magnetic field that directly connect it to the magnetic field of the sun, circumventing 93 million miles of space.

These mysterious regions, known as “magnetic portals” are thought to be opening and closing dozens of times every day.

The appearing and disappearing portals are generally located many thousands of miles above the earth, in the upper atmosphere, and a large number of particles flow back and forth through these openings.

The particles flow through these portals as if there was no space between our earth’s magnetic field and the sun’s, and this interchange can have dramatic effects.

According to the NASA press release about this discovery, “Tons of energetic particles can flow through the openings, heating Earth’s upper atmosphere, sparking geomagnetic storms, and igniting bright polar auroras.”

These magnetic portals come in variety of sizes and durations–some are small and disappear quickly, while others are large, expanding and longer lasting.

NASA, who funded this research, will be studying these enigmatic portals in more detail.

The national space agency is planning a mission that will launch in 2014 called the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS), which will examine this strange phenomenon with 4 spacecrafts, equipped with powerful magnetic sensors and energetic particle detectors to gather new data.

Finding the magnetic portals in the upper atmosphere, when they pop into existence for a short time, may prove to be a bit of a challenge, as they’re not only unstable, they’re also invisible.

However, Scudder has developed a method to locate the curious portals by mapping out how the magnetic fields of the earth and the sun intersect with one another.

Magnetic portals are created when lines of magnetic force between the earth and the sun crisscross with one another; the center of the “X” spot, where the lines meet, is where the magnetic portals form.

The NASA spacecrafts will surround and observe the magnetic portals, and, hopefully, teach us how they work. Perhaps we can also gather some clues for the future application of this research.

When I interviewed quantum physicist Nick Herbert he told me about how these portals might one day be used for genuine superluminal space and time travel.

He explained that, “…wormholes are continually coming out of the quantum vacuum, popping back in again, and they’re unstable. Even if you could go into one of these, it would close up before you could transverse it…So…how to stabilize quantum worm holes?”

“The way you do that is you have to have some energy that’s less than nothing…negative energy, which is less than the vacuum…there’s something called the “Casimir force” in quantum physics, which is an example of negative energy. So you thread these wormholes with this negative energy, and it props them open…then you can use these things as time tunnels.”

So if we can figure out a way to prop open these temporary magnetic portals, and make them stable and transversible, maybe NASA’s research really will lead to something like “warp speed” on Star Trek or the “hyperdrive” in Star Wars.

Then, perhaps, all of those star systems that are light years away from us, aren’t really as far away as they seem.

Something more to think about when we look up at the Heavens.

Do you believe theres a way to “prop open” these temporary magnetic portals? Leave us your comment below.

David Jay Brown is an award-winning science writer, whose work has appeared in Scientific American, Scientific American Mind, and Discover magazines. He is the author of 12 books about the evolution of consciousness, optimal health, and the future.

Asteroid passing earth but 1998 qe2 asteroid not hitting earth


Its passage has kept astronomers busy for months now. Asteroid passing earth but 1998 qe2 asteroid not hitting earth

1998 QE2 is passing through earth right now at a very fast and furious speed. Though many people may be fearing it, but thankfully it is not hitting earth. The steroid is really very huge and would have destroyed almost the whole earth if it would have hit the earth, but it is just flying by without no fear of hitting it. There are reports that this monster asteroid is dragging is moon along with it too.

The asteroid was discovered decades ago and they had fixed the date of the flyby for today and indeed it is flying by now. For the last so many years the astronomers are awaiting its arrival and for months the wait started showing their toll when the time looked like having stopped due to the long wait they endured.

Though the astronomers and NASA had kept a close watch on the asteroid, but it was only just days ago when they discovered that the star was being accompanied by its own moon. For the last several days NASA has been tracking it with radar devices since Thursday, not to clock its speed but to get good pictures of it. It was merely yesterday when they discovered its moon. A senior NASA official says, “It turns out that 1998 QE2 is a binary asteroid…This is something we did not expect”.

The asteroid is passing through by a difference of millions of miles. According to the calculations drawn by the researchers, it is being expected that the space rock will come within 3.6 million miles (5.8 million km) of our planet — about 15 times the distance separating Earth and the moon. , researchers say. But this distance would be a visual treat to the astronomers, who plan to get a good look at 1998 QE2 using two huge radar telescopes — NASA’s 230-foot (70 meters) Goldstone dish in California and the 1,000-foot (305 m) Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

Several NASA officials are looking very excited like other astronomers. Talking about the dramatic event, Lance Benner of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., principal investigator for Goldstone radar observations, said in a statement: “Whenever an asteroid approaches this closely, it provides an important scientific opportunity to study it in detail to understand its size, shape, rotation, surface features and what they can tell us about its origin We will also use new radar measurements of the asteroid’s distance and velocity to improve our calculation of its orbit and compute its motion farther into the future than we could otherwise. It is not the first time that Asteroid 1998 QE2 has come across the space observers. It had its first rendezvous with the earthlings when it was discovered in August 1998 by astronomers working with MIT’s Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) program in New Mexico.

The asteroids have always fascinated the astronomers and even laymen. The nickname has been assigned by the Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Mass., which names each newfound asteroid according to an established alphanumeric scheme that lays out when it was discovered. Astronomers plan to study 1998 QE2 intensively from May 30 through June 9, using the Goldstone and Arecibo dishes to learn as much as possible about the asteroid before it slips off once more into the depths of space. Even from about 4 million miles (6.4 million kilometers) away, Goldstone images may be able to resolve features on 1998 QE2 as small as 12 feet (3.75 meters) across, researchers said.

Even top astronomers are failing to hide the excitement regarding the asteroid. “It is tremendously exciting to see detailed images of this asteroid for the first time,” With radar we can transform an object from a point of light into a small world with its own unique set of characteristics. In a real sense, radar imaging of near-Earth asteroids is a fundamental form of exploring a whole class of solar system objects,” Benner said. It is pertinent to mention here that NASA has been leading the global effort to identify potentially dangerous asteroids as our planet is prone to the asteroid strike. It has been hit by space rocks throughout its 4.5-billion-year history. In fact on February 15, a 55-foot (17-m) object exploded without warning over Russia, just hours before the 130-foot asteroid 2012 DA14 gave Earth a close shave, missing our planet by just 17,200 miles (27,000 km).