Russia’s Roswell — Part 3

Our CIA was in the 50s tracking UFOs in the Soviet Union and the strange things happening at Kapustin Yar deep underground , bodies, engines, ships. In the UFO cellar they were reverse engineering a Cigar shaped craft, and maybe trying to use the technology- to destroy the US.
The Russians were putting crop circle type patterns on the ground at Kapustin Yar to attract the UFOs.
And of course Big eyed Stanton Friedman (mean that in a nice way) is teaching UFO 404.
Thanks- You tube
Enjoy — its fun, and maybe true.

Our Circle Makers

Factual FanFractal Fan

My first Post will be about the Artists of the Cosmos or as some call them Circle Makers. How many years have these beautiful works of art have been gracing our planet, dozens, hundreds, I believe a thousand years or more.

When I lived in Atlanta I had the opportunity to meet and talk with a man named Colin Andrews, Mr. Crop Circle. a humble but impressive man , who had a great passion for this mystery of our times.

Colin told our group of excited UFO fans,” this was an amazing phenomena, but he didn’t know who made them or why the circles were created.” That was 20 years ago, as he showed these incredible photos of the circles and most then were circles. Now they come in all shapes and sizes . But they still project the story.

As I first looked at the circles, Colin presented on the screen, my mind started to swim, in delight as I realized they, the Circle Makers were telling me something without words, they was conveying powerful and profound feelings. They were turning things on in my mind.

I had seen the Truth. WE Are Not Alone, we have never been alone. And we will never be alone.