The Gift of Meeting Clark McClelland-Is it all True Series # 348

clark mcclelland

Rainbow’s thoughts…

To read and hear about the word “whistleblower,” brings to mind the unimaginable and daunting task it must be to be in the constant line of fire. To be called, dishonest, a disinformation agent, crazy or a conspiracy nut, are only a few of the names carried on the shoulders of such brave men and women. The stigma never goes away and the weight of its meaning can debilitate the heart and soul of any individual who should voluntarily, carry its burden. One such whistleblower, Clark McClelland has walked the walk of a truthseeker, enduring hardships and ill health and yet, fearlessly carrying on with his message, a message that has not changed through the course of time.

Looking into Clark’s eyes, it was easy to see his convictions glimmering through his eyes, they never faltered not even with his bouts with intense physical pain that he endured throughout our visit. Images, stories and friendships all merged together becoming clear and comprehensible, as Clark explained each account of his life and those close to him. I sat across from Clark wishing things were different for him and thinking that if a man like him can be taken down to poverty, are there no limits to what “these” people can do.

It’s different when you see, intelligence and passion slowly ebbing away from a weakened body. It’s different when you see a whistleblower face to face and you know there isn’t much you can do to help them. I realized I could only give Clark my support and admiration but in the scheme of things, this feels like so little. Maybe friendship becomes more important to a whistleblower because the road they walk can become very lonely.

Interestingly enough, Clark gave me a gift without me even realizing it at first. One day thinking back about our wonderful dinner, I finally understood what makes history happen. Its men and women like Clark McClelland, who are willing to take on the modern Goliaths of our time, just like the unassuming David did. Perhaps if we are lucky, whistleblowers like Clark will be victorious in not just seeking the truth but in getting it out to the masses. Its truth that changes history but the real question is, can society handle the truth.

Now this is Mike speaking, I have read that he is a liar, a hoax and a con man. Rainbow and I sat with him, he is none of the above. We saw him and we saw his evidence maybe not all but more than enough to call him the real thing. The game of the government is to discredit him as the patriot he is.

As Rainbow has stated, Clark lives in a state of poverty, so I am asking you to go to his site and buy something,anything. Get a piece of history and support this man. Just buy a chapter of his book for a couple of bucks, anything helps to keep this man alive and maybe recover to a more normal life.

His site is or google “stargate chronicles”

Thank You

Rainbow and Mike

If-you-are-an-abductee-what-can-you-do- ? -Is it all True Series # 325

alienI have been a UFO/Paranormal Researcher for all my life. So in the course of that journey I have interviewed and worked with hundreds of abductees. The first rule is don’t panic; we are all in this together, and I mean all.

If you have a relative that has hinted to strange non-human nighttime visits, there is a good chance that you have had them also. This experience is very much a family affair. Many times the children awaken first to the reality and start talking to the parents, and hopefully the parents are open to the conversation for the best of the family. But of course many parents suppress this type of conversation, because it can be perceived as a scary scenario. This is an unfortunate outcome, because hiding and avoiding it doesn’t make it go away. Once it starts it will continue for years; I have had clients who were in their 80s and still having encounters.

Why we have encounters is unknown. Many speculate the “beings” are using the humans for something. And I believe there are several groups responsible for the encounters and their reasons are probably different. No matter the reason, how you deal with it is the question here. And I will repeat here that once you feel like you are visited or taken, don’t panic; this is a livable situation. Many have survived and lived wonderful productive lives, even knowing that as “experiencers” they play between two realties. As I was told many years ago by a group of beings, “reality isn’t what it seems.” No truer statement has ever been said.

Know that there are many people around you in the same situation and attempt to contact them. Nearly every area of the country has support groups; if not, start one and they will come (the contactees/ abductees). I run one of the largest in the country here in New Mexico, in the heart of high strangeness. Our group, the New Mexico UFO/ Paranormal Forum, has provided help for many of our members. We have other abductees/contactees, hypnotherapists and other compassionate people. You can contact us through this website at

And the most important thing is there are millions of people like you all around the country, so they will not be hard to find.

Sleep tight, help is all around you…


Reality Isn’t What It Seems- Connecting the Dots: Part 1–Is it all True Series #283

Seven Wise TruthseekersAs I have stated in the past, I have been researching UFO-related subjects for over 45 years. And after 45 years I am just starting to connect the dots. It has taken a long time to come to some of these theoretical conclusions.

The first conclusion is–the saying –“we are not alone” is a major understatement. We here on earth are surrounded by several hundred different types of beings, most of which are of a multidimensionals origin. In a short period of time, I have photographed at least 50 different ones. And from other conversations over the years with contactees and abductees there is probably 150 various types to be discovered–hopefully through my vortex photography. (On this site go to search in the upper right corner and put in ‘’Vortex,” and you will see some of the 50 beings).

Second conclusion is–33% to 40% of everyone in the USA has had some kind of contact with these inter-dimensional beings. This conclusion comes from the hundreds of random people I have come in contact with over my 63 years of life. Remember, most of these experiencers have only a vague remembrance of their experiences, but as time goes on, their memories will get stronger and stronger as the dots start connecting.

Third conclusion is–50% to 60% of the military personnel including their family have had alien being type encounters. It is sad and a little scary to think our government cannot prevent these encounters with their government military forces. Of course let’s hope the multidimensionals have a friendly agenda or the results of these large numbers of military contacts could endanger the basis existence of mankind if their agenda was evil.

There will be more conclusions in Part 2.

Sleep tight – Remember connecting the dots is just the beginning to understanding our real reality.


Birthplace of Atomic Bomb, New Mexico Remains Center of Massive U.S. Nuclear Arsenal — From

In this special broadcast from just outside Los Alamos National Laboratory, we look at the radioactive legacy of New Mexico. The atomic bombs used in World War II were designed and developed here, and the state still plays a key role in maintaining the nation’s massive nuclear arsenal. We’re joined by two guests: Jay Coghlan, executive director of Nuclear Watch New Mexico, and Chuck Montaño, a former investigator and auditor at Los Alamos who turned whistleblower after calling attention to wasteful spending and fraud at the nation’s foremost nuclear weapons lab.

The Blue Room, Where all the Stuff of the Debris Field is Held–Is it all True Series # 227

So where did the important stuff of the U.S. UFO crashes go? Well of course it went to the Blue Room located at the infamous Wright-Patterson AFB. The famous Roswell, NM crash , which was probably in the Corona NM area a ways away from Roswell, resulted in three corpses and one alive being. Originally, the three corpses were quickly flown to Wright-Patterson AFB and stored in a large refrigerated warehouse, some called it Hanger 18. It has been rumored the power for the facility was from a mini- nuclear reactor. The three corpses were badly burned and partially destroyed by the crash. The being that was alive was first brought to Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque but eventually ended up in Los Alamos where it was studied and a few efforts were made to communicate with the being. However, because of its (the being’s) great mental capacity there was a great concern it would mind control its guards and integrators and try to harm the Lab and the people in it. So they killed it/him.
This body, in excellent condition, was flown to Wright –Patterson to join his dead comrades in Hanger 18, which was also call Building 22 at times. Barry Goldwater had tried several times to get access to the facility. Barry had a top-secret clearance ,was a U.S. Senator and a Presidential candidate, but never got inside even though his good friend Gen Curtis LaMay was in charge of the facility. Barry was totally frustrated and pissed off; he had always been interested in the UFO phenomena. This warehouse was also to be called room/area 248, super cipher locked and rarely entered and heavily guarded, by best robot military police specialists. The military unit that worked in and around this area was part of a group called the Interplanetary Phenomena Group- so the rumor goes—neat name.
Now my addition to this Blue Room Story; a relative of mine had a close friendship with an administer in a hospital in the southeastern part of the U.S., after years of a close friendship they started talking about UFOs and other paranormal stuff. The woman finally confirmed with my relative that she was the assistant to a high-ranking official at Wright-Patterson. Before her boss retired he showed her a strange being that was preserved in a large glass beaker in a refrigerated building on the base. She got a two-minute look, but this viewing has forever changed her, for now she knows the world was not what it seems.
Sleep-tight and dream hard.

One of the more thoughtful comments from a viewer named Alex.

Based on all the research I’ve seen I’m sort of leaning towards the idea that the greys are good natured and there is another opposing force. I agree with the idea we were genetically modified. It makes no sense if we evolved from monkeys why did we loose our fur and tails? Especially in an ice age? The bible and other ancient testimonies of melevolent beings may have been eyewitness accounts of our genetic scientists (The Greys). We were created in their image. If that’s true, that sure explains the loss of fur and tails. We do not fit into the natural world, it’s obvious our DNA had been tampered with. I beleive the aliens may be deciding right now what to do with us because we are on the brink of self destruction. I think that one way they could deal with us is to create natural disasters to control our populations. If they are good natured killing us would be almost impossible to do and a natural disaster may be a way to justify the greater good, which is to reduce our population. It would be worse if we fell victim to our own demise and they surely must know this.
Back to the DNA issue a genetic scientist came out to say that the evolution of monkey to man in the timeline that supposedly took place would be like a tornado blowing through a junkyard and assembling a 747 jet plane(Ancient Aliens Series on History Channel). I agree, that it just seems like mankind evolved too quick too fast. THe Mayans talk about the 3 prior ages of mankind and how they were created by the star people or Gods and it sort of supports the hominoids that existed and went extinct and current man as we are today.
Different topic, but back to the greys being more neutrally good natured the alien theorists suggest where they come from has a dying sun. The planet system (I wish I knew exactly)does exist and has earthlike planets, two of them and a sun that is around 8 billion years old. Our sun is middle aged around 4 billion so in a way it makes sense that an alien race with extrodinary technology would want to seek out a hospitable planet with a younger sun. The alien theorists have suggested they are stationed on the moon. NASA has evidence of not only UFOs but also pics of structures on the moon. In nature there cannot exist straight lines, straight lines are typically man made or constructed by intelligent means.
In closing I would like to mention that if you believe in aliens or Gods I think it is our duty to demonstrate to both that we can get our act together. One eliminate currency as we know it, equal money system and a system that is sustainable and the rewards are greater than materials. Two we learn to control population outbreaks because if we don’t environmental pressure will take care of a species that is out of control. This is natures law and we can’t argue with that. And three we get rid of all nuclear devices, we don’t need them and they are too destructive.
It would be great to hear back from anyone in regards to these topics. Not only do I find this stuff fascinating but I find myself consumed with trying to find a better way for mankind to co-exist with one another and I feel we should not wait for aliens and gods to save us. I don’t think that is what Gods or Aliens would want to do either. I do not like to punish my kids and try to empower my kids with knowledge to make the right decisions in their lives.
This has been great, I cannot find too many people wanting to talk about this stuff.
Take care,



Thanks Alex for you time and effort — it is truly appreciated