Reality Isn’t What It Seems- Connecting the Dots: Part 1–Is it all True Series #283

Seven Wise TruthseekersAs I have stated in the past, I have been researching UFO-related subjects for over 45 years. And after 45 years I am just starting to connect the dots. It has taken a long time to come to some of these theoretical conclusions.

The first conclusion is–the saying –“we are not alone” is a major understatement. We here on earth are surrounded by several hundred different types of beings, most of which are of a multidimensionals origin. In a short period of time, I have photographed at least 50 different ones. And from other conversations over the years with contactees and abductees there is probably 150 various types to be discovered–hopefully through my vortex photography. (On this site go to search in the upper right corner and put in ‘’Vortex,” and you will see some of the 50 beings).

Second conclusion is–33% to 40% of everyone in the USA has had some kind of contact with these inter-dimensional beings. This conclusion comes from the hundreds of random people I have come in contact with over my 63 years of life. Remember, most of these experiencers have only a vague remembrance of their experiences, but as time goes on, their memories will get stronger and stronger as the dots start connecting.

Third conclusion is–50% to 60% of the military personnel including their family have had alien being type encounters. It is sad and a little scary to think our government cannot prevent these encounters with their government military forces. Of course let’s hope the multidimensionals have a friendly agenda or the results of these large numbers of military contacts could endanger the basis existence of mankind if their agenda was evil.

There will be more conclusions in Part 2.

Sleep tight – Remember connecting the dots is just the beginning to understanding our real reality.


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