2009 Crop Circles—Is it all True Series #102

I recently spent a very pleasant Saturday afternoon with Gary the Dowser’s group in Los Lunas, New Mexico, a wonderful group of enlightened people. The main presentation was on the new crop circles – 70+ from the English countryside.

They have become very sophisticated artists of the Cosmos. Every year they top themselves and they never stop coming. They have come back to this area of England since there were crops in the fields, which has been for hundreds of years. As you all probably know that the “Doug and Dave” type circles make up only about 15% of the total world circles. Man can now scientifically prove the manmade ones from the other- world ones by putting a grain stalk under a microscope and looking at the joints/nodes. We look for constant molecular changes, called bursts. The burst signatures could be caused by some type of microwave energy from above and maybe below the surface of the earth. The manmade ones damage the crop. But interesting to note on the Cosmic version in most cases the grains continue to grow and in some cases bend back, although the crop normally is harvested before this can fully happen. The bottom line here is the crops are not harmed by the otherworld formation.

So what are these cosmic messengers trying to tell us about our world and ourselves? As I stated probably 25 years ago when I saw my first crop circle, they (who ever they are) are visually, through DNA cluing, evolving our species through our optic nerve into our brain. After the last 25 years I have also concluded only a small percentage of humans seem to be affected by the circles. The other percentages of humans are clued through another method that better fits their genetic format.

I know they affect me; as I looked at my first circle I truly felt some strange rearranging of my mind. And from then on, it always felt great to look at the new crop of circles, very healing and enlightening. Besides the words healing and enlightening – other words come to my mind and to people like Gary the Dowser, such as balance, hope, completion, change, intensity, love, future, unification, peace, evolution, core essence, harmony, transformation and finally warning.

Now the most amazing circle of all appeared in Netherlands on the 8th of August 2009, near a town in southern Holland called Goes. It was a gigantic butterfly crop circle formation (530 Meters x 450 Meters), the biggest crop circle ever. Some call it the Da Vinci Circle. Bathe your mind in it and refresh your soul.

Could future humans be calling to us through their Cosmic Art?


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