A conversation with Andrew Basiago — one of several .

Interesting stuff — discovery of life on Mars , Andrew Basiago father was an aerospace engineer for Parsons Co. They father and son were able to move forward and backwards in time. Tele-port to Mars as a time travel project — named project Pegasus . Story in which Andrew father read a paper to his son , which the son writes 40 years in the future. CIA has their signature all over this stuff. Tesla tele-portation technology is the underlining force behind these strange and maybe true stories.

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  1. I had an experience with the two women he mentions, one black, one white. I thought they were angels, shifting the energy in the Hill St Superior Court in LA. Andrew mentions earlier in this series that they were told to say they were angels when they “appeared” places. These ladies didn’t speak, but we all knew the experience was extraordinary.

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