A Tribute to the Experiencers – the Courageous Ones-Is it all True Series #160

I dedicate this posting to the Abductees/Contactees who are now being known as the Experiencers. The word Experiencer is a bit of a compromise between the sheer terror of the abductee and the sort of hanging out and talking to an inter-dimensional being of the contactee experience. The word Experience does give the feeling of a bit more control and control helps bring a little sanity to this phenomenon.

A definition of the Alien Abduction: to be taken against your known free will and subjected to physical and psychological procedures, which in the human world would be morally wrong and probably criminal.

The first widely publicized Alien Abduction was in 1961 – Betty and Barney Hill, two very credible witnesses to the event. Since then I believe there has been literally thousands, probably millions, of these types of strange encounters worldwide and some are happening as I write this posting. Some Experiencers are taken physically, while for others only their mind energy is taken, to be returned to their bodies at a later time.

I met Dr. John Mack for the second time two weeks before his untimely death. John after 800+ investigations into this strange world of the Experiencer had in the end become a believer; according to Mack (head of the Psychology department at Harvard) these people were very sane and stable and had experienced something, something very profound.

There are many theories to the whys and the hows of these abductions, and all of these theories are possible for we are dealing with a phenomenon that goes beyond human thought capacity – not that I don’t think we could someday catch up and understand it all, but only with their help, the beings doing the abducting.

The aftermath of these encounters is where the courage really begins, after the beings bring the humans back to this reality and the coping begins. Being an Experiencer is like being a hermit, you are alone and very few people can relate to you or you to them. You as an Experiencer have looked into the void and the void has looked back.

As I have told hundreds and hundreds of Experiencers over the last 40 years, remember you are in control, only fear gives them power. Embrace this experience, you were chosen, even though it’s a path you would not have chosen for yourself. Learning the truth about the Universe its our purpose and you ( The Experiencer) were given a head start.

Sleep Tight – and Dream and Dream.


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