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Richard Claudell is ex-military, ex-Sandia Labs, ex- Mufon director and more. Since the young age of two, Rick has experienced the journey through a path shared with not so human beings. Growing up in Lower Michigan it seemed like a UFO encounter was not an unusual occurrence, Rick had them throughout his earlier years.

Early on these encounters with beings were a family affair, not that his family, sister, father and mother were freely sharing the information. In those days, the sigma was a powerful reason to keep quiet. Rick, now in his 70’s, is opening up and sharing with his family and our audience. Now his children and some of his grandchildren share in his history of encounters. Mary and Hannah, Rick’s daughter and grand-daughter, have had a rich life dealing and, in some cases, embracing their paranormal experiences.

When Rick was 5 years old he was taken on board a relatively small ship (20 feet across), but once inside it was huge, brilliant white walls and many other humans. On his journey, he was submerged in a liquid gel, which was scary because he was told he had to breathe it to survive the trip. He was taken to a beautiful domed city probably off planet.

Rick had/has friends in the know in the UFO community. Rick made a couple of interesting points. One was about a crash, possibly shot down UFO craft, which the military modified an aircraft to carry the remains of the UFO on the top of a B-17. Also, while in the military, he spoke of watching a film showing a variety of UFOs sighting of all shapes and forms.

Rick talked about frequency, and the important frequency of 31.6 MH, a frequency the UFOs used to hone in on the planet. It was a way for humans to track their comings and goings.

So AKA Rick –thanks for sharing and I know you know much more, but I understand if you keep it close for now. But truth needs to be shared.

Sleep tight, but keep your eyes wide-open and don’t miss the wonders around you.


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