Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 103

Location. Near East Liverpool, Ohio

Date: July 2010 Time: 03:00 a.m.
The main witness was on his way home from Chester West Virginia with his girlfriend. They
were on RT 68 between East Liverpool Ohio and Midland Pennsylvania along the Ohio River.
The time was around 3 am and a thing that looked like a black angel flew in front of his truck, it
was about 6 ft tall and was so close that they both ducked. Whatever it was it came from the
river side of the road. The witness wanted to report the event to the police but his girlfriend
refused, pointing out that “they will think we are crazy”.
HC addendum
Source: Phantoms and Monsters May 22 2011 Type: E
Location. Near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Date: July 2010 Time: evening
The witness was visiting his friend at her summer house and as her parents went out
shopping and she napped in the bedroom he was playing ‘Play station’ when all of a sudden he
caught movement out of the cornerof his eyes through the big window, right next to the
television. He was stunned to see a pale-white, medium size creature that ran by into the
bushes. He then decided to go outside to check. The first few minutes, there was nothing, by

‘nothing’ he meant no ambient noise like birds whistling, etc. He ‘regrettably’ moved towards
the bushes, where he began hearing a sound, like a growling of some sort.
He was a good ten feet away from the bushes when he saw the most hideous thing jump
out of the bushes. A pale, bald, naked man, with pitch-black eyes stood right in front of him. He
was in shock and couldn’t move at all. The creature had pointy ears and teeth. It did not have a
nose, but two holes in the center of its face (similar to Voldemort from Harry Potter). It was
growling, almost like a dog. Then it disappeared into thin air. Then the witness thinks that he
passed out, he next heard the sound of his friend’s parent’scar. He got up and went inside. He
didn’t tell them what had occurred.


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