Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 109

AlbertAlbertLocation. Not provided
Date: July 28 2010 Time: night
Grandparents had their 14 month old granddaughter
in bed with them and the girl was very
cranky and crying like she was afraid of something.
The grandfather noticed that while singing
the children’s hymn, “Jesus loves me this I know”
the girl started crying even harder.

He yelled
out “Stop! Get out in Jesus’ name!” At this point h
e saw a ‘shadow’ that was moving very fast
toward him. He was already sitting on the edge of the bed when the shadow now appeared as a
figure of a man standing before him. The figure was
tall and very heavy set. When the witness
attempted to get up, the intruder grabbed him by the
shoulders and pushed him down. The
witness fought back, punching the intruder in the stomach as hard as he could, however his fist
went through his stomach just like hitting ‘a rubber

aggressive intruder now began to strangle the witness as the witness grabbed the intruder’s
wrists in ‘a Judo hold’ and twisted them; however t
he hands just flexed as if made out of
rubber. The witness then attacked the intruder’s arm and noticed that the skin or suit felt like
rubber that had being burnt, sort of ‘crunchy’ when
he found the upper arm muscle he dug his
fingers into it, finding it easy to dig in he put a
s much pressure on the muscle and pulled the
muscle as hard as he could. He felt the muscle stretching farther than a human’s could, but it
did reach an end to the stretching and the witness
ripped the muscle of the upper arm

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