Music of the Ancient Celtics – In our Time— Is it all True Series #424

Music can be a powerful magic and because of this, I believe frequency arranging waves can truly change the masses. It’s been long since it has happened to me. But a lady from Tottenham England has turned the music world upside down. But I would not be writing about this on this Weblog if there was not a little paranormal connection.

The people of the Sidhe — the fairy lore of the British Isles, carried a powerful magic. These tall thin almost transparent beings with their music and their song would draw the humans from miles away. The story goes, listen to just one song and you would be changed forever. Listen to more than one song and you would never leave their realm and you would be their slaves forever. The Sidhe had voices and lyrics that would rip at the core of your soul. For the ones who got away from the Sidhe, this unique sound would never leave them, it was embedded into the fabric of the mind.

I believe there are people today in the UK, including Ireland who carry still this music Magic, and they have the ability to belt it out. Today its control over humans is a bit mellower, but still a beautiful powerful sound, one person said it this way “it was like being in a wind tunnel the voice just hitting me, it was truly incredible”.

The Singer I am speaking of is “Adele” winner of 6 Grammy Awards on Feb.12th 2012. Listen to the magic, the music of the Glen and of the Sidhe.

Adele I truly believe is a distance product of the Sidhe, and for some reason they (the Sidhe) have left our realm, but they left something wonderful behind. And now another amazing album called 21 by Adelle continues way of the ancient mystical Celts and their understanding of raising and lower vibrations as it resynchs and realigns the mind core.

Sleep tight- as you will dream — “Rolling in the Deep”

My Life Manifesto — Sandy Penny

SandyPennyMy Life Manifesto
by Sandy Penny, 2-2-2015

I never wanted to compete with others, only with myself. Even as a child, I wanted to create cooperation, not competition. Growing up with nine brothers and sisters was competition enough. I wanted to learn something new every day, and I have. I have always strived to be better at the things I choose to do, to improve processes, to innovate, to organize. I have always endeavored to leave a job better than I found it. I subscribed to the old adage, if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. I intend each day to ask myself if I’m living from love or fear, and to always choose love.

I hope, when I leave this world, that I have had a positive impact on those I’ve known, and that I have done as little harm as is humanly possible. I intend, every day, as Ghandi advised, to be the love I want to see in the world, to treat others with kindness, compassion and respect. I intend to leave every person with whom I interact feeling better than when we met, without attachment and expectations. If one person has been helped by me, if I have lifted anyone’s suffering, made anyone smile, then I have lived a life worth living. And, for myself, I want only to be the highest and best expression my soul intends for my earthly life, knowing that when I leave this world, I feel complete with each and every sacred relationship I forged, and every relationship is sacred.

I commit to using and fulfilling the purpose of each chakra, each energy center within me, to express the colors of the rainbow that is me. I open myself to the golden connection that is my crown chakra, that I may bring more spirit into matter. I connect with the source of all light and open my inner and outer vision that I may see myself, others, my life, and the world clearly and through the love that manifests all creation. I connect with the source of all words and align my voice with the voice of love and joy. I align my mind with the universal consciousness that I may raise my thoughts to higher realms and transcend all negativity of the human consciousness, that I may think in more creative ways, that I may inspire higher thinking through all that I touch, that I may express right thought, right speech and right action for each and every situation I encounter, that I may share wisdom when needed. I clarify and align my feelings and emotions with unconditional love that I may create sacred partnerships throughout my life, knowing that all relationships are sacred and deserve love and compassion. I align and restore my physical body to the perfection in which it was created that I may walk this earth, strong and healthy, and follow my own path on my own journey of spirit flowing into matter and matter returning to spirit, a conduit of love, light, joy and completion.

As I awoke this morning, these thoughts were running through me, and I wanted to write them down, to remind myself that this is my life creed, and that I intend to live it fully, and I am. I am a spark of infinite love emanating from the unlimited stream of love divine. I am a bubbling spring of joy and wisdom to quench the thirst of all who drink it in. As I intend, so shall it be, for intention inspires action, and action creates and manifests. I am creator, manifestor and the artist of my own life.

Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all the good I am, all the good I have, and all the good I share. And so it is, and I am grateful.

Posted by Sandy Penny at 12:32 PM

UFOs and the Romantic Connection- Is it all True Series #282

Romantic ConnectionFor over 45 years, I have witnessed some amazing experiences involving inter-dimensional beings and their influence on humans. There is an agenda out there, and I would venture to say that sometimes they can even influence our day-to-day lives. But most of their influence is in an indirect manner. And one of these indirect ways is by matchmaking with powerful means to create cosmic-mates.

To put a male and female together as cosmic mates, or as we call it soul mates, creates powerful energy, which the beings can draw from and they do. This energy can come in the form of emotional, fear-based or non-fear-based and/or sexual energy. Many of these inter-dimensional beings draw on all three forms of energy and we, as humans are truly energy generators.

There are many beings that interact with us over the course of our lifetime. Most of us don’t realize there is an interaction that is happening, but if one pays attention and approaches the happening with no fear, the beings will gladly share with us their agendas. Remember since they probably created us, they all have the right to interact with us.

Many of these soul mates are brought together to amplify the frequency of the earth because raising the earth’s frequency will bring betterment to all that live here. Our relationship with these inter-dimensional beings is truly a give and take. They give us life and the means to live, and we give back our vast range of emotional energy, which they freely collect.

Presently, I believe there is a reconfiguring of human couples going on, for the final push to save the earth. These power energy-couples will create renaissances that will sweep the planet and end the wars that are destroying mankind.

Sleep-tight, we all have a cosmic-mate who will join us in the very near future, be prepared, life is a mental game.


Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 109

AlbertAlbertLocation. Not provided
Date: July 28 2010 Time: night
Grandparents had their 14 month old granddaughter
in bed with them and the girl was very
cranky and crying like she was afraid of something.
The grandfather noticed that while singing
the children’s hymn, “Jesus loves me this I know”
the girl started crying even harder.

He yelled
out “Stop! Get out in Jesus’ name!” At this point h
e saw a ‘shadow’ that was moving very fast
toward him. He was already sitting on the edge of the bed when the shadow now appeared as a
figure of a man standing before him. The figure was
tall and very heavy set. When the witness
attempted to get up, the intruder grabbed him by the
shoulders and pushed him down. The
witness fought back, punching the intruder in the stomach as hard as he could, however his fist
went through his stomach just like hitting ‘a rubber

aggressive intruder now began to strangle the witness as the witness grabbed the intruder’s
wrists in ‘a Judo hold’ and twisted them; however t
he hands just flexed as if made out of
rubber. The witness then attacked the intruder’s arm and noticed that the skin or suit felt like
rubber that had being burnt, sort of ‘crunchy’ when
he found the upper arm muscle he dug his
fingers into it, finding it easy to dig in he put a
s much pressure on the muscle and pulled the
muscle as hard as he could. He felt the muscle stretching farther than a human’s could, but it
did reach an end to the stretching and the witness
ripped the muscle of the upper arm

Cymatic Frequencies: The Power of Sound Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

October 8, 2012

‘Ancient Knowledge’ is a mind-blowing film series that explores ancient mysteries encoded in the symbols we see all around us.

This segment deals with Consciousness, Sacred Geometry and Cymatics, an alternative healing practice using a distinct form of sound therapy, based on the assumption that human cells, organs and tissues have each a natural resonant frequency which change when perturbed by illness. (Needless to say, this modality is not accepted by modern medicine).

Here is a Full List of the Series and all of the FKTV URLs where the episodes can be viewed:

– Ancient Knowledge Part 1
Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics?and the Illusion of Reality (Rare Footage)

– Ancient Knowledge Part 2
The Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio,?Phi in Nature, DNA and the “Fingerprint of God”

– Ancient Knowledge Part 3
Pyramids, Monuments and Megaliths, Ley Lines?and Earth’s Energy Grid

– Ancient Knowledge Part 4
The Real Secret Of How The Pyramids Were Built & Coral Castle

– Ancient Knowledge Part 4.5
Scientific & Historical Misconceptions, Suppression and Manipulation of Info

– Ancient Knowledge Part 5
Summary: Magnetic Forces, Sacred Sciences, Anti-Gravity


Uploaded by KilluminatiTheMovie
January 17, 2012

Solving ancient mysteries Part 1. “The Ancients” knew much more than given credit for regarding Life, The Universe, Astronomy, Advanced Mathematics, Magnetism, Healing, Unseen Forces etc.

Encoded knowledge is information that is conveyed in signs and symbols and we can find this knowledge all over the world. All these ancient sightings and geometric patterns (Sacred Geometry) symbolize unseen forces at work. We are being lied to by the media. Modern archaeologists don’t know what they’re talking about. “The Ancients” were not stupid or primitive. We just failed to decode this knowledge conveyed in signs, symbols and ancient artwork. This kind of information is kept hidden from the public.

Scientists don’t know what holds the universe together, the answer is sound and unseen forces. Matter is governed by sound frequencies. There is much more to life than we can perceive with our 5 senses. The question then becomes “who or what governs unseen forces?” What is behind the symmetry throughout nature? (Golden Ratio, Phi, Fibonacci Sequence etc.) It simply cant be just coincidence, in my opinion there is an intelligent mind / consciousness behind all this that keeps it all together.

My Amazing Adventure Through a Vortex: Part 3 –Is it all True Series

Mr Sasquatch - Kewaunee
If you have not read them yet, go back to my postings from July 21st and July 28th. This Part 3 is my final posting on my 2012 Big Amazing Adventure. Besides the vortex photography, being touched by an Ancient one, and the hooting in the night, two more events on this mini-expedition have produced lasting memories.

First the people of northeastern Washington State were very gracious and accommodating, discussing their pure knowledge of all the strangeness in the forest. Their encounters with these paranormal beings were much more normal than in any other place I have been to do research. These encounters are quite commonplace. It seemed like everyone there has had some type of experience or know some reliable person who has had one or more. Whoever we approached about this subject, they were willing to comment and help add a piece of the puzzle to one of the greatest mysteries in our human history, namely that we live in a multi-dimensional world which is shared by Bigfoot and a host of others beings and that at times they will come out and play.

And lastly as I stood in the middle of the night in the great darkness within this huge beautiful forest a few miles from Canada, it struck me. There were no crickets, no birds, and no small creatures, nothing was making a sound, it was dead silence. You could hear your heartbeat and the neurons in your mind firing. Never have I heard the void, but now I have. It was like hearing “God’s” voice in the vast silence of this magnificent place. So what made this silence so profound was it set up your brain to wait for a sound that would totally imprint itself in your mind, it was truly like being in another dimension, a place where fantasy comes true.

Thank you to my dear friend, Kewaunee, for taking me on this Journey.

Sleep Tight – knowing we are a multi-dimensional world, makes it all worth waking up tomorrow.

Good HolidayThoughts From Marcia McCoy

Listening. Listening. Listening.
Dropping into a deep place.
Messages and images
whispering, whispering,
I say yes. How can I serve.
Synchronicity after synchronicity.
My movie is almost racing ahead,
what I think, appears. What I dream.
I think. The outside mirror and the
inside projector are finely tuned.
Harmonious and in sync.
Bless all the creators today,
in this finest of moments,
NOW is sublime.
– Marcia

Today, spirit whispers and modern artifacts
appear. Walking in silence, communing with
nature, messages float in. In the in between
moments, I hear. Thinking about, sacred geometry,
sacred earth, portals and vortex points. Today
a modern artifact appeared, echoing the imagery
that comes in dreams and day dreaming.
First image came in a dream drawing in 1982.
Second image was created as a sacred object
for conduiting Source in Silence.
Third image appeared today on my walk,
etched in stone.

Keep going co creators. The universe
is in collaboration with you. Shooting stars
and miracles are dropping out of the sky
like butterflies and fire flies, luminous moments,
Earth’s finest hours.
Love Marcia

Honor Your Intuition- Tawn Head – Is it all True Series #209

The NM UFO/Paranormal Forum was proud to present Tawn Head. She has been the clinical director at a non-profit that does extensive work with the Albuquerque Police Department on domestic violence cases. She is also licensed therapist, professional Intuitive, a minister, public speaker, Reiki Master and an international radio show host. Quoting from her bio, “she sees herself as an informational vehicle or avenue for her clients- to help them begin to open to ideas and allow shifts in consciousness that can facilitate transformation and changes in their lives.”

There are several “Keys” in Tawn’s world; first is that we all have intuition, have used it in the past, but many have forgotten. Tawn teaches people how to access these abilities.
Tawn’s intuition was challenged early on with negativity from her family members and her church. She was targeted with fear-based labels; they would say it was evil, work of the devil, and even witchcraft. That kind of cultural reaction made her suppress her passion in helping people with her intuitive skills. Early in her life, domestic violence and divorce were themes in her childhood and she also lost her 19-year-old son to an accident. These dramas and tragedies forced her to develop her survival skills and she began to look at life in a very different way. She feels events are doorways to opportunities.

She challenged everyone in the audience to keep a journal on what they feel and sense.
What is in your dreams? What do you see in the corner of your eye, your mind’s eye? What is your gut feeling? Watch for the results, you will develop trust in your intuition, and then act on it. Our society is blocking our intuition; be fearless and use it like you use your eyes to see and your ears to hear. As Tawn said – always honor your thoughts and your intuition.

Sleep Tight – Remember you were born with it; use it.

THE MINOGUE TIMES – OCT>2011 from Trends Analyst Gail Minogue

1) October and 2011 Wind Down

2011 has gone very swiftly. I feel like I am ending summer out here in Southern California. It brings me to the old

Trick or Treat

truism, you cannot manage time; you can only manage yourself. I keep up the beat about cleaning up the year and harvesting what you planted back in February and March. Focus now on the connections you have made, the seeds you planted and do be industrious. October was originally the 8th month of the year and a month of harvest.

Once we get to the middle of November, the hibernation period sets in. I should say the body would like a bit of hibernation but our culture frowns upon this. It is customary to hibernate through January. Our body needs the time out from all the work and stress it experienced in 2011. Make sure you do not make time or technology your master. Use it wisely and know what you value. Technology will outrun us and if you try to stay on top of it, it will detach you from some of your deeper needs. Be discerning.

2) Question and Answer:

What is the significance of the New Moon, Full Moon and Void of Course Moon?


The ancients knew that cycles of time begin on the New Moon. Those who planted at this time knew they had the best opportunities for growth up until the full moon approximately two weeks later. The same is true in our lives. Our new ideas are best planted at the New Moon and the days following it. After the full moon—approximately two weeks later, you can tend to the details of what was planted or other mundane activities.

It is best to follow this rhythm in your own life. We need all the help we can get so begin new plans at the New Moon and the days following it. Go to to find out what are the Noon Moons for the year and plan accordingly. Adjust for your time zone. You will have better results with your ideas and plans. If you missed the New Moon in any given month, wait until the next New Moon to launch your plans. Try NOT to have surgery around a Full Moon. The moon has a great effect on fluids. Tides go in and out according to the Moon. Fluids expand at the Full Moon so avoid complications and plan accordingly.

The Loopy Void-of-Course Moon

Since the Moon changes signs approximately every 2 and ½ days, the period when a Moon is changing from one sign to

Moon Shadows

the next is called “Void-of-Course”. This period should be avoided for important meetings, plans etc. It can last a few seconds or a few days. American Presidents who were sworn into office during a void-of-course moon, have had only one term. President Carter a recent example. Al Gore’s 2000 nomination came in a Void-of-Course Moon. “Decision making in such periods turns out later to be unrealistic. Creativity diverges into unpleasant directions, improvisations, false starts, error. Business moves fail to generate profits, or meet unexpected difficulties. If you buy any object, it usually fails of its intended use.” By Debbi Kempton-Smith, “Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook.”

Note: President Obama was sworn in during a Void-of-Course Moon. Remember, though, he had to take the oath of office twice. Perhaps, this was done in light of this information on the Void of Course Moon. It is not unreasonable to have our presidents and those who are “captains of industry” follow astrological patterns. JP Morgan, the successful industrialist, had an astrologer on staff and met regularly. Ronald Reagan used one quite often. It was disguised as an interest of Nancy’s but it was Reagan who was using the astrologer long before his presidency.

3) View from the Freeway

The world is being turned upside down and a lot of junk is falling out of the pockets. We are witness to history. Look at all the exposure to the corruption of the last 240 years. We are beginning to understand the importance of experiencing this period. Certainly when America started out, she did not intend to be caught up in surveillance cameras.

We must return to the origins of this country and that is what we are doing. Why were we formed? What is its purpose? Is this a punishment? Where did we fall off the turnip truck? Did we really intend to consume 75% of the world’s anti-depression drugs? Did we really intend to have at least 1/3 of our citizens grossly overweight? Did we really at one time help build our neighbor’s house, borrow sugar and flour instead of driving to the store? Do we even talk to our neighbors?

Build Your Work Around Your Life

As the world is turned upside down, greed, corruption, entitlements and bad behavior in general are falling out. Our own self-deceptions are staring us in the face and we must face them. There is no place to hide any more. Even Swiss bank accounts are no longer safe. This is only going to get more intense as we progress along a transit that has not visited the planet and especially the United States since the early 1770’s. It is not cute but you will thank it after it has left—about 2024. I have been beating on this drum for the last three years and I will keep beating it. Get your priorities in order. What do you truly value? Build your work around your life—NOT vice versa. Most people build their lives around their work—reverse this process so you can be more at peace with your life.

You will have to get real, be your own therapist and build new trophies. Nobody cares about your old trophies

Time to Start Over

anyway. Staying young is always the ability to lower your resistance to starting over. Make a decision you want to live–or not. If it is a “yes”, then do what you need to do to thrive during these times of strengthening and help America grow up.

Revisiting the Roaring 20’s

Currently, 2011 and 2012 are similar to the end of the 20’s. I find it very fitting to have an HBO show called “Boardwalk Empire”—it takes place during the roaring 20’s. Ken Burns has another PBS special this month on “Prohibition”. We are unconsciously dealing with very similar conditions. The challenging 30’s followed this period and we had to clean up the mess. We will revisit some of the same things from the 30’s. More and more people are losing their houses, banks are terrified and people are just starting to protest—note the small group camped out in New York City. I just finished working in Chicago and spoke to several people who lost their homes or are in the process of losing them. One woman had lived in her home for 30 years, refinanced the house, could not keep up the payments and lost it two weeks ago. She now rents a room in a large house.

None of this is unusual.

There is an old Chinese expression “Beware of the wrath of the patient person”.

4) Trends

All industrialized countries of the world will feel the contraction of this period. Expect more world protests and finally the beginning of the protests at home in the United States.

More crackdowns, privacy trespass, tracking devices by the governments in the name of security.

Citizens are now awake and beginning to run out of money. As more and more exposure of the corruption in the government and corporations is presented through social media, more of the citizens will unite. This is a several years’ project. Expect the heating up to intensify around 2015.

The Guardian newspaper has documented the significant role which poverty and opportunity deprivation played in the British riots.

According to the World Health Organization three-quarters of medical devices given by rich countries to developing nations remain unused. The lack of electricity, spare parts and trained operators often means that technology developed in richer countries is totally unsuited to working in the developing world. Different technology is needed such as solar-powered hearing aids and stethoscopes that can connect to a mobile phone allowing doctors to monitor hard to reach patients. (BBC News-September 13, 2011.) There is a huge trend in technology for the poor.

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank by assets, has launched services for trade settlements in Chinese Yuan in 16 African countries. They estimate that at least 40% of China’s trade with Africa will be settled in Yuan by 2015. (China Daily—9/2/2011) China’s currency will be one of the world’s important currencies within approximately two years.

Science Daily is reporting that neurosurgery researchers at UC Davis Health System have used a new, leading-edge stem cell therapy to promote the growth of bone tissue following the removal of cervical discs—the cushion between the bones in the neck—to relieve chronic, debilitating pain. (Science Daily—September 6, 2011)

More exciting breakthroughs in Science are rapidly appearing. Expect a quickening between discovery and application. BBC also reported on a gene find that could lead to a drug for chronic pain—including neuropathic pain which occurs when nerves are damaged.

5) Ponder This

It is very important to recognize these times and these invisible transits for what they are, an opportunity to correct

Wake Up

ourselves and the various countries of the world. It looks like a giant confusion with uncertainty everywhere. Companies are going bankrupt, individuals are going bankrupt and there seems to be a general lack of direction for the human race. Not only are we experiencing the transition to a New Age—the Age of Aquarius, but we are also experiencing a heavy Plutonian transit and a one thousand year cycle of the change in worldwide gender power. The beginning of the 2000’s is in its infancy but it will gradually bring back the female into equality and leadership.

Dissolving the Old System

The financial systems are dissolving and the economic theories are not working. This is a much deeper condition than a “theory”. Throughout the next 13 years, we will have more and more exposure to what was wrong with entitlements, lobbyists, and the general mix of abusive behaviors. Promises have been made that cannot be kept and segments of the public will scream loudly.

In order for us all to go to the better part of our true nature, destruction of the old deceptions must go. The role of the United States is huge during these transits. It was always intended to answer to a higher calling of a larger world service. The soul of America cannot be satisfied with self-accomplishment alone. She was the pioneer on the planet to measure out freedom and cooperation. She has won her freedom and has learned assimilation better than any nation but she is to promote collaboration and assimilation on the world stage. Ultimately, there will be the United States of the World . For more information on America’s purpose, I suggest “America’s Invisible Guidance” by Corinne Heline.

Do not despair with what you see and experience. Housecleaning is going on and it is necessary as we got really messy during the last 240 years. We will be fine but first we must clean up the place.

Have Humans Been Created From a Future Us? Is it all True Series #185

There is a reason why the inter-dimensional beings will save us in the end. This reason is complex. First, we provide an unlimited pool of emotional energy, which they love to bathe in. We are unlike 99% of all beings that exist in our galaxy. I believe there are a few thousand planets nearly identical to ours. But in the scheme of things and the pure math, we are truly a minority species type. So that alone makes us a bit special.

There was a time, in the very distant past, millions and millions of years ago, when our type of planets existed. But for the most part we destroyed ourselves. Yes, there probably were some major natural disasters that took some of the planets down, asteroids, comet collisions, star radiation and polar shifts. Nothing much humans could do, and the higher non-human intelligent beings believed in a hands-off policy.

But this hands-off policy changed, and I am not sure yet why. About one million years ago (a nice round number) someone in the universe said the humans must be saved.
For they are our past and we cannot ignore their historic importance. So if you get it, we are them from their past. We live in their old third-dimensional realm, their realm of their past. So about 350 thousand years ago, we were placed first on Mars, but it only took 100 thousand years for humans to destroy that planet, so our creator modified this other planet, which we call Earth and some of the remaining humans were bought from Mars. So modern man has been around here for about 250 thousand years. We were doing all right except something went terribly wrong the last 200 years, (another posting to explain that).

So how will they save us? Well, through a massive re-education program, or as I like to call it –cosmic mind control or mind alternation . We are becoming a different being; so different that in 50 years we will not know ourselves as we were. We will only look back and wonder who were those beings, and where did they go, for they don’t exist anymore, the Neanderthal of our time. The time has come to save ourselves from ourselves with a little help from our future selves.

Sleep Tight – the Earth waits in wonder of the New Human – we will be here– soon.