Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 98

Near Wakefield, England Part 2
Date: March 31 2010 Time: 11:30 a.m.

One evening as she approached her mum’s house in her car she thought she saw someone
run into an alleyway opposite her house. All these alleyways are gated and it was dark so not
many people would want to go into them. She thought it might have been a burglar so she
mentioned it to her mum. She then made a point of keeping an eye out of the window just in
case the ‘burglar’ made a return visit. She could also hear noises coming from outside though
she could not see anything from the window. She looked out the from door letter box and saw
what looked like a tall very skinny man standing in front of a neighbor’s car facing where she
was, his face looked like it had large eye sockets though they were dark and she couldn’t make
out any eyes, his skin looked gray and wrinkly though stuck to the bones like it ‘dried and dead’.
He seemed to sway very slightly. She opened the front door quickly but there was no one there.
She went to the front window, but there was no one there. She went back inside and watched
through the letter box window as a car drove by and the tall thin stranger turned his head to
watch the car pass, and then resumed his posture facing her direction, another car passed and
he did the same thing. She told her mum and she went barging out of the house to check but he
was gone.
The lasers continued for several days and one day she had to call the police out when she
was back at the house because she could hear noises in her attic and what sounded like muffle
d speech, while she was on the phone with the police there was a loud banging coming from
her daughter’s room where one of the loft hatches is located, when a policeman later checked
the hatch and fell down her daughter’s wardrobe it made the same noise but the police could
not find anyone in the house and no sign of entry.
The final and most significant incident happened on March 31 2010 at around 11:30 a.m.
when the witness was on her way to meet a client when something very ‘odd’ happened. She
pulled off the M1 motorway just south of Wakefield to call the client and tell him that she was
10 minutes away, she didn’t want to hang around too long as she had just performed a U-turn
at a no U-turn sign and after a 2 hour drive she just wanted to get there, finished and go home.
In front of her a lorry (truck) drove off and 2 large black saloon cars with blacked out windows
pulled in front of her. She watched briefly as 3 men in black suits got out of the first car and
made their way to the back door of the second car, which opened and the men started talking
with someone in the back seat of the car. She then heard her cell phone signal indicating a text
message so she picked up the phone and looked at the screen opening the message. The next
thing she knew she looked up and the cars were gone, there was no text message on the phone
and it was over 1 hour later. She also had a strong recollection of having had a long
conversation with an alien being, tall and aqua blue in color. She was lying down at the time
and viewing ‘her’ from chin upwards as she was above her head. The alien had large oval black
eyes, and no nose to speak of, no real lips but a mouth. The alien ‘spoke’ to the witness without
moving her lips and they discussed how the world needed to be saved, how peace was
important right now, it was so important that she should make this happen in some way, that it
was her ‘job’. She asked for more ‘tools’ to help her achieve this end and was told that they
would see what could be done.

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  1. some body should set up a cmeara in the middle of a field in an area known to have crop circles, and see if it catches any thing. may be then the mystery will be solved. of course, it might be a while before the cmeara catches any thing, but at least if it worked, we’d finally know what was causing them. probably man made, any way.

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