Analysis #1: “One Warm September Night”

I feel the meaning of an “Awakening” is that an understanding in a human being’s own conscious and unconscious mind has allowed information to come forth. In this phenomenon regarding Universal Beings who are abducting humans are in control of the human abductee’s (mind) memories and they (Universal Beings) pick the time that is appropriate to have these “Awakening” memories revealed to the abductee. An example of a human as a young child; young adult; or an older adult will experience the realization of awakening in an unfamiliar place perhaps lying on a table such as in a hospital operating room but with strange medical devices probing and invading his/her body. Feeling pain from these medical mistreatments while perhaps he/she is staring straight forward into some bright lights. If he/she can rotate their head within the scope of the bright lights they see strange looking creatures who are probing his/her body with these strange looking medical devices that come out of perhaps the ceiling. Seeing a small table located in the vicinity, holding other medical equipment that is soon to be used. Your mind perhaps quickly goes into a shock as it is too much to comprehend as to what is occurring. Normally, through my research of guidance this scenario is the norm for an individual who is awaken and probed by a Universal Being called the “Greys’”. At first look is the large black almond shaped eyes, then… the pear shaped head. Next you see thin long arms “working” on your body. To feel the strange touch of their skin and seeing strange appearing hands that behold only three long fingers seemingly with suction cups at the tips of these fingers.

A child could grow into adulthood and his conscious mind may never reveal that this particular phenomenon has played a part in his/her life until this Universal Being feels it is safe to allow sometimes just only given memory. If abductions begin as an adult, as a norm the Universal Beings will eventually allow an “Awakening” memory to the fact that this particular human is an abductee.

What I have found to be true, these Universal Beings normally will allow children to have complete memories right from the start of their abductions. Children are more open-minded within their knowledgeable minds to receive another new aspect of their life. Young children welcome their “new friends” nightly as this new learning of different technology begins at an early age with perhaps human looking Universal Beings who take the child to a different kind of schoolroom abroad a mother ship. Thus the child’s nightly “Awakenings” begin and as this child grows older, though it is not necessarily true that the child’s memory maintains the awakening memory until perhaps the unconscious mind releases the memory itself, or through investigations of hypnotherapy.

If the abductee has not experienced their “Awakening” and throughout their life as an example from childhood they are mesmerized say with the eyes of a grasshopper, or the grasshopper itself; how about horses eyes? The continued visual sudden flow of bits and pieces of unusual memories that seem to just come from no where within the mind’s eye?

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