Area 51’s Not-so-Big Announcement —Is it all True Series # 295

Area 51Last week, our government made an announcement declaring the existence of the infamous Area 51. This announcement about this enigmatic military base, turned out to be less spectacular than most UFO theorists would have liked.
The conspiracy world has made many claims on what exactly is happening at Area 51. The following would be a summary of some, but not all, of the claims.

1. Downed UFOs are stored and re- engineered there.
2. A place to meet with extraterrestrials.
3. The facility that develops exotic energy weapons.
4. Time travel.
5. Weather modification.
6. Host MJ-12 meetings.
7. U-2 /Spy-plane development.

Well, I would feel comfortable saying number 7 is the only item I would be 100% sure happened at Area 51. Around 1954, the military and the CIA were looking for a location to develop and test a high altitude spy plane, and it came to be known as the U-2. To the employees there, the area/facility was called “the Ranch,” to make it seem like a more inhabitable place. In reality, it is one of the most barren areas of the US, located about 80 miles north and west of Las Vegas. It gets less than 4 inches of rain a year and some years gets less than one inch, an area of zero vegetation, except for a few cacti.

So why now tell the world about this secret facility? Maybe because it has little meaning now, since most everyone who can walk and talk at the same time knew of the facility long ago. Since our government provided no earth-shattering details of what has happened or what is happening out there, we can only hope that this is a positive step to open up this most secretive country in the world and I mean more secretive than North Korea and China combined.

Sleep Tight – Area 51 is exposed – I know I will sleep better.


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