Barney, Betty + Obama, an alien curiosity- Is it all True Series #62

In 1961, the Betty and Barney incident became one of the first well-documented alien abduction cases in history. While under hypnosis, the story goes that they reported that they were taken on a spacecraft of an alien origin (or today some would say a possible MILAB (Military Lab) experience). They claim to have had a 2-hour missing time experience where they went through a series of medical exams, while being watched by beings that claimed they were from Zeta Reticuli (interesting fact since this star system was not officially discovered until 1969). Betty drew it perfectly, showing its sky location, 8 years before its discovery.

Several psychiatrists suggested that Betty and Barney were suffering from hallucinations brought on by the stress of being an interracial couple in the very non-tolerant 1960’s (Betty was Caucasian and Barney was African American). Although the Hills strongly denied this, saying they were very happy and their friends and family accepted their relationship, and they lived in the open-minded state of New Hampshire

So why Betty and Barney Hill? Was there something very interesting about them; were they being chosen for some mission? Could they have been part of a CIA – MKULTRA plot or victims of a psychological experiment (there was an evil–looking Nazi-type in the crowd of folks watching them being poked and prodded). Or were the Zetas interested in them because they were an interracial couple? Betty said they claimed to have done a pregnancy test on her and Barney believed they extracted sperm from him. Of course making a multiracial child would not have been a new creation even in the early 60’s. But what if a child from an interracial couple was mixed with alien DNA to make an interesting and beautiful alien hybrid child.

So in the title of this posting, Betty, Barney plus Obama, let me first say I am seriously a major fan of our president-elect. I think he is incredible, and we need his leadership more than ever during this period in human history since we are in overwhelming distress. The event of electing a black man for president of the USA may truly be from out of the “Blue”. A year or so ago, 90% of American never heard of Barack Obama. Timing is everything; when the need is there, the universe (and its agents) will provide.

One more interesting note, Betty and Barney were abducted in fall of 1961 and guess who was born within days of that event.

Pay attention– synchronicity is all around us.

Enjoy – life is short.


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