Bill's message-Our Survival, as a Species, as a World-"depends on Us"

On 06/20/07 we finished a 10 week journey with William Cooper. I had read his material before, but it was very different watching him say it on the video. It was more believable or something. I never met the man in-person in my 35+ years of UFOing. I do have friends that have met him and all seemed to like this slightly crazed man. They say he felt humble, wise and a little cocky. I have read hundreds of books and interviewed thousands of people related to UFOs, abductions,
and other paranormal stuff. I can confirm some of Bill’s information from other independent sources. Being in the business as long as I have, everything Bill has said is very possible, and we should always keep our guard up in this infinite universe.
I don’t know what happened in Arizona on that fateful day, when Bill battled it out with the authorities and was killed. Was this connected to his past speaking out or just Bill being paranoid and drawing attention on a completely different matter, only the “One World Gov’t” knows for sure.
In any case, here is a man who spoke from his heart with great fearless passion. He has stirred minds and a few souls with his candid talk.
History will someday judge him as a Super-Hero or just another madman lying for a buck.
I am putting my money on the Super-hero.

One last para-phased thought from William Cooper- “The Power of knowledge, can keep us from our own slaughter, “us” the Nation of Sheep” MWiz.

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Bill Cooper and Crusher – wonderful Dog.

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