Brent Raynes Speaks – On Sister Wolf's Journey

Hi Everyone!

What happens when an Apache medicine woman, storyteller, artist and author travels from her home in New Mexico and visits folks in Tennessee? Joan and I had an absolutely wonderful time with Sister Wolf from June 6th to the 14th. There was never a dull moment! We did all sorts of fun and exciting things together during her visit. We took her to the Tennessee Fitness Spa at Natural Bridge, just a few miles from our home here in Waynesboro. On the evening of Monday the 8th, Priscilla gave a wonderful talk at the Spa. People from all over the U.S. come to the Spa and her talk was certainly well attended, including one lady from Grand Junction, Colorado, not so far from Priscilla’s old stomping grounds, the San Luis Valley! (It’s a small world) Everywhere Priscilla went she captivated people! None more so than Tom Hendrix, the author of IF THE LEGENDS FADE (see photo attached of Tom and Priscilla). Priscilla was also quite captivated with Tom too. She was quite impressed with him and his immense, awesome and sacred Stone Wall and Prayer Circle, located just off of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway three miles over the stateline into Alabama.

On Tuesday evening, the 9th, Joan and I and some of our friends helped Priscilla celebrate her 65th birthday at Applebees in Florence, Alabama. An extraordinarily wonderful time was had by all, as you can no doubt judge from the picture attached.

Another highlight of Priscilla’s visit came with our trip to Nashville Wednesday evening, the 10th, to meet famous country western singer and stuntman Johnny Sands, who I did an interview for Alternate Perceptions magazine ( with about his 1976 UFO/alien encounter outside Las Vegas. Noted ufologist and publisher Tim Beckley had put us in touch, as they both recently were filmed for an upcoming episode of UFO HUNTERS. Johnny, it turned out, is also of Cherokee ancestry and from Cherokee, North Carolina, and he spoke passionately and with deep conviction of the plight and struggles of the Native Americans, in addition to the passion and conviction he spoke with regarding UFOs. We were impressed with Johnny. (Tim spoke highly of him)

Saturday afternoon, the 13th, Eddie Middleton, MUFON state director and host of Nightsearch Radio had organized a presentation in Memphis for Priscilla. We came and Priscilla did yet another dynamite presentation! The audience was riveted to their seats. A professional video photographer who filmed Priscilla’s talk was so impressed with her talk that he wants to visit her in a few months and video tape her in Chaco Canyon telling her wonderful stories. She said that Joan and I could also come out and go with her when they do this (as we had earlier been talking about going there and Sedona too).

We also had a good deal of company come and spend time visiting with Priscilla during her stay at our home. Everyone was enchanted with her! Our daughter Chandra loved talking with her as well, and one evening Priscilla even wanted to go and visit her at her home. Check out the picture attached of Priscilla giving our little grandson Conner drumming lessons, while Chandra looks on.

On the way to the airport Sunday (the 14th) we tried to stay positive and upbeat. It was hard to say good-bye. We had had a great deal of fun. At one point, we brainstormed about a name for a new book we were collaborating on, which Priscilla talked about doing some artwork for. The future was looking bright and with promise, and so it made our good-bye at the airport alittle easier to take.

After all, it’s not the end of a journey, but the beginning of yet another.


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