Exploration Through Hypnosis Part 2 By Mary Muñoz © November 23, 2008

The initial meeting with Gloria was now over and the first session had been set up, but before we could do it I had the task of filling out a questionnaire. This, I believe, was a four-page document. It was designed to help eliminate questions that might arise about what I believe to be happening in my life. I was and was not shocked at the questions as I was reading them to the family that night. Actually we all began to take them with stride; each laughing stating, “Guess I will have to mark this for me, but this one for you.” Though we joked about what we were doing the reality was still setting in; we had filled out over 80% of the questions with yes answers.
I could spend a lot of time covering the questionnaire, but that was only an initial step in learning more about who we were as a family and individually. It was the sessions that made the difference for me. I began to learn that much of what I had ignored or questioned in my life had a reason. Instead of trying to go through each session, which I believe were four, I will give highlights of the ones that had the most impact on my life.
Session One
Hypnosis was easy for me to accept at this point due to the work I had been doing in weight loss, which was a light and sound technique. It is not the traditional hypnotherapy, but I had learned to relax, which made it easier accept the process of regression.
During the first session it was evident that something was going on in my life. I brought forward a memory of being in a room that appeared to be like a dome; in that the walls circled up to a center area, but this area was not visible to me since it disappeared into an immense amount of white light. Surrounding the light was a round object, about a foot wide and it has some writing on it. I was asked to focus on the writing, to see if I could recreate it later, which I have done repeatedly since.
I notice that I am lying on a table of some sort with a white sheet around me. The sheet wasn’t heavy or light, cold or hot. Its only function appeared to be holding me down, not allowing me to move. The only part of me that could move was my head, which was not covered by the cloth. So with that I turn my head to look to my right where I see the panel of lights that curved along the outer wall. There appears to be a ledge coming out. To me this appeared to be the control panel; of what I don’t know, though I felt that it had something to do with the lights coming from the wall it was connected to.
I then look down toward my feet and see a black space, which I believed to be a doorway out of the room I was in. Now my focus is changing. I see around me three, no four beings; the classic grey but much larger in size than the 3 – 4 foot ones. I sense another one to my right, but out of view. The ones around me are doing some form of procedure. I feel an immense pain. I do not want to remember; my focus changes.
Now I am being asked if there are others in the room besides the beings. I bend my head further over to the right and there is another table about six feet away and on it I see my daughter. Things are now getting too tough for me to focus. I didn’t want to be there anymore. I asked to leave.
Note to Reader: There is more detail of this experience on the tapes that were made that day, but I don’t have them to recall all the things that transpired. I believe that some things are left better unsaid…that is for now.
After the session I go home wondering what had just happened. Could it be true? Imagine how your life could be turned upside down in an instant just knowing something so out of this world. It is one thing to wonder, it is another thing to know. Remember be careful for what you ask for…it may not be what you expect.

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