Happy 2012 and the Prophecy that goes with it- Is it all True Series #213

Prophecy as I always say – is for amateurs , but it makes a fun Post- and our viewers seem to like it.
So here we go for 2011- How did I score it — The below is from my 2011 predictions and the results –I originally posted the predictions “Jan 01,2011”
1. Weather will continue its strange course with extremes around the globe. Even areas of normally mild temperatures will experience record cold, but overall the earth will register above normal temperatures as it as a whole continues to heat up. Glaciers continue their melting process and the seas will rise. Drought will cause increased starvation and commodity prices will soar.( Big Correct )
One of the most costly extreme weather years for the US.
2. The Stock Markets will soar the first quarter of the year and decline the last three quarters. Not Correct
3. Global population will peak and start a slow decline in the next 5 to7 years. Yes – 7 billion Oct 31st ( we will have to wait for the decline)
4. A new virus will appear and puzzle scientists around the world; virus will affect only certain age groups, but in that particular group hundreds of thousands will die. “No”
5. Our sun will send unknown pulses to earth and its effect will drive some people mad.“1/2” correct there is alot of crazy people around that’s for sure”.
6. The Internet will suffer a major crash, which will temporary shutdown the world economy.“No”
7. UFO sightings will continue to increase; similar formations will be seen around the world, and more countries will open up their UFO files to the public. But since 98% of the world population is not ready for the shift, few will notice the increased UFO visibility in 2011 both in the sky and in the Press. “For the most part this is True for 2011”
8. Other websites like WikiLeaks will continue to bust out the truth. A few other have surfaced not as big as Wikileaks — 1/2 credit.”

My 2011 score was 50 % Correct — I am an Average Predictor.
So for 2012 some more fun prophesy

1. US Stock Market – will stay between 12200 and 11000 DOW for the first three quarters and soar to 13200 the fourth quarter of 2012
2. Big trouble in Europe – 1 or 2 countries fail , 4 major banks are bailed out by the IMF – Euro now ( will be ) par with US Dollar.
3.One huge weather event mid- year involving flooding. Balance of the year quite calm compared to 2011.
4.Two young Celebs will die and shock the US entertainment world.
5.Lady Gaga will announce by the end of the year she is having a Baby.
6.At the London Olympics – A major security breach will almost end the games before they start.
7.Romney will be the Republican Nominee ( I predicted to Mitt in person 9 years ago in Salt Lake City)- He laughed. But Obama will win the election by 54% popular vote and 37 more electoral votes than Romney. And Hillary Clinton will be the Vice-President.
8.In Feb 2012 major Flu scare will kill many in Southern Europe. The US will have another mild year.
9. Occupy the World will be back strong in the Spring right up to the US Presidential election.
10.Arab Spring will also be strong- Syria will fall and Saudi Arabia will be threatened.

Well Sleep tight – you have a 100% chance the sun will rise tomorrow.


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