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The Lost Hour-

It was the summer of 1980- have you ever taken a trip to the unknown? Time passed or lost? Felt you been there before? or had a imaginary friend? or a encounter with twilight zone? Its easier to except nowadays as a story, a tale, maybe something you made up? But it really did exist and happened to you.
Car pooling can be fun especially when you can save on gas, wear and tear on your car or truck. Coming back from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, the back way through Madrid, Golden. to Cedar Crest.
There were five of us, me ( Priscilla) ,Molly, Janet, Sue and Jodie. Three times a week we used my car.
We always stopped at the last gas station on our way out of Santa Fe, for gas and food. I always loved the ride home through Madrid. (Everyone would meet at the Mc Donald’s on Central and Tramway NE in Albuquerque and leave their cars there.) We all enjoyed telling stories and talking about our work day.
Molly was scared of UFOs, and scary movies on TV. Had she had a encounter with one or what? I always wondered. No one will ever now, she refused to talk about it. I had seen several UFO’s in San Luis Valley, Colorado. We all shared stories about the unknown, told by our grandparents long time ago. I’m a firm believer there is more to the universe then we know. Janet had encounters with fire balls, and UFO’s in Ohio and Indiana and other Eastern states. She mentioned that long time ago when she first came to New Mexico she seen a mother ship and small ones following it. Well! said Jodie anything is possible! Check the Bible? If things don’t exist, why do we have church’s for, where is God? I believe we have walk ins everyday. Oh please said Molly! why involve the church? Because it speaks about dreams, visions, demons, and many unexplained things- said Jodie. As we passed Golden, it was around 8:00 PM . We continued talking about UFO’s encounters. All of suddenly the sky lighted up around us—and it seemed we were caught in the circle of light. I kept driving and it seemed we only drove a few miles and we were back to where we started, (where we first seen the light) like it was playing games with us,what ever it was. The girls got scared and kept telling me what’s going on?The car was burning gas, but we were in the same place for one hour. I made a remark we were in Twilight time of no return. Really scared everybody including me. Outside of the lighted circle was pit black– it seemed like we were walking that hour. Finally the light vanished and we were on the road again. we drove to Mc Donald’s and ate and talked and laughed about the hour we lost coming home. what really happened we wondered in that hour . It will always remain a mystery to us all. One night Molly called me late, and said; I cannot sleep at night, I see small creatures in my room. It was the last time I ever seen her. oh well! I also sleep with the light on, I’m scared of the dark. But I believe spirits come at night and bother you. The light keeps them away.
On August- 12-09 I was coming back from Colorado UFO watchtower event, Brent Raynes and his wife Joan Raynes and I. We had been guest speakers at Judy,s place- UFO watchtower. 2008 UFO event. Brent is the editor to www.Mysterious-America.net in Tennessee, since 1965.. in Madrid, New Mexico. Before we got there passing a bridge a car was coming behind us real fast even through the curves it gained more speed, almost bumper to bumper to my car, but Brent was driving. He pulled over in Madrid to let the car pass and it vanished. We looked at each other like where did it go? That road from Santa Fe to Cedar Crest sure is weird. Missing hour, strange lights in the sky, ghost car?

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