The meaning of a Hologram is: A three-dimensional image of an object produced by recording on a photographic plate or film the patterns of interference formed by a split laser beam and the illuminating the pattern with usu. coherent light.

This is Webster’s College Dictionary’s description of a Hologram. The far advanced technology of a Hologram used by the alien extraterrestrials is far more advanced. I have experienced three to four alien holograms during abductions. Many of my alien abductee clients and abductee friends have experienced many given alien/military holograms. I believe this given advanced technology has been given to certain powers within our military and governments. These Hologram tests are giving for their knowledge of study of the humanness of a human and also to give forwarding information in detail to the abductee as a warning of events to come forth here on our earth.

I will describe my experiences in the following:

“Waking up” either onboard a alien craft (normally one of the larger craft’s) or perhaps somewhere in an unknown area of an underground base having either one of the Grey’s or a man dressed in military wear who is helping me up from a lying down position. I am immediately given instructions on a “test” to be administered to me. I’m walked to a certain dark room and I think being rendered once again into a sleep mode. Waking up from this “sleep mode” in a confused stupor I am shocked to find myself thinking something terribly has gone wrong. I look upwards towards a darken grayish seemingly day time asking myself why is it so grey looking, and trying to reason where I am and how did I get here wherever here is at? I realize that this grayish fog is not fog but appears to be dust that is all around me. I hear people screaming, moaning and crying then reality seems to kick in as I find myself lying on the ground. I begin to cough hard as I am breathing this dust into my lungs. Looking at my clothed body which is covered in this grayish dust, I rub my face and find my face is covered with this dust. With all of the human screams I hear explosions all around me. I know my body is intact so I can escape this awful dream I think I am in. I quickly sat up to survey this awful dream. The different odors that I smelled in the air were sickening. Still very confused I stood up and to my dismay overlooking my intense environment a voice within my head told me that this town was attacked by a new type of nuclear bomb. I saw tall buildings crumbling down to the ground, other building structures half standing, explosions of fire everywhere. At my feet are lying Asian people who were seriously hurt, and or badly burned. I instantly felt the need to get these people out of harm’s way and try somehow to save their lives. I had no plan but I began searching for the people who were crying, moaning, or screaming. I saw death everywhere. Children, men, and women, I saw lying seemingly on top of one another. Their bodies blistered from an intense source of heat. I did not have time then to ask “why is my body not blistered from this heat”? “Why am I alive”? My reactions to this situation quickly took over as I began lifting up one person at a time and quickly found shelter against a tall crumbled wall of a building. As I lifted many humans their skin just fell from their body, or their blood just poured out from the deep injuries. I lined up many injured and burnt people, laying each one next to the other. I knew I had to do something quickly to stop the flowing of their blood or the process of their burnt skin. I surveyed the area and I found boxes of a medical plastic wrap and bottles that held substances of iodine, alcohol, (gee, this building must have been a pharmacy)! Seemingly medical supplies were made available to me. This plastic wrap was not just the normal Saran Kitchen Wrap. Quickly, I began pouring bottles of liquid solutions (when I opened the bottles I smelled the solutions and to me it felt right to use these solutions) over the burnt people and wrapping their bodies in this plastic. I used this plastic wrap to cover up extensive bleeding injuries as well. I first pulled shrapnel out of the various places of injury and tightly wrap this plastic around the area of injury. I was told telepathically that help was on the way, and what I was doing was good and what was expected of me.

I woke up lying in my own bed the next morning, with many disgusting smells around me, so very tired as if I had not slept but worked very hard. I laid in bed just trying to put together in my mind, (my brain) of what occurred during the night. My day was long and to help me understand what occurred is when I contacted my human sources to help bring me back to full normalcy and with an understanding. Remembering and the knowing of what I was told before and after this “test” that this event could and the possibility is high that this could happen in the future, in an Asian or on America soil, and because of my training, I will be able to help as I did in this hologram affect. Still at present time, with all of my senses I remember. I remember the reality of this “test” because of using all of my senses to smell, taste, see, touch, and experience.

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