HYBRIDS: a continuation

After a period of many abductions and many hybrid babies later when the Grey’s and other extraterrestrials and I came to a medium of acceptance and respect between human being and their life. Reflecting back on one of my abductions of a time when I delivered a small hybrid baby. After the delivery of this baby and going through the process of holding and having the motherly instinct take over then my hybrid baby is taken away from me knowing that I may never see this hybrid baby again to see it grow and develop into an adult.

I began to ask certain questions of Raytheon, my “assigned friendly grey” who is always with me at the moment I arrive on board. This other Grey who always seemed to be around whom I gave the name of “The Doctor” or “The Boss” because he always seemed to have a high authority over other Grey’s. He always appeared to be the directive being especially when medical procedures were being performed on me. His personality and attitude was quite demeaning.

I was allowed to ask various questions in regard to the hybrid children. One question was directed to the both of these Grey’s. What are you doing other than creating a new specie? “Why” what are your reasons for having this reproductive program? I was told that these Hybrids one day would bridge our worlds together. Was I told the truth about hybrids bridging our worlds one day, is this their true agenda. The alien interest in the human body is anything but spiritual. The idea the aliens are benign beings here to help the human race? Yes, definitely is does seem they have their own agenda, which involves the production of hybrid beings. Some older Hybrids have already been placed here on our earth to learn and work amongst humans. These chosen Hybrids appear to look more human.

This thought comes to mind “are we one day going to be controlled by such an entity” and live under their type of “government” or “leadership”? Or will they penetrate our world as a peaceful, helpful entity to live in harmony with the future humans on this world? Is this going to be eventually a survival program for them and us as well?

This breeding program seemingly was disclosed approximately as early as in 1966 by the Betty and Barney Hill abductions. Previously I spoke of male abductees who are forced and paralyzed into a coupling either with female hybrids, or the use of a type of machine to extract sperm from a male. For human females the procedure for harvesting of sperm and ova in a petri dish which then is injected into the human female’s navel. I’ve heard of this procedure being used many times on women but one thought here, if they have female hybrids, for the male human how about coupling right off with a male hybrid for the female human?? For a fact I know this occurs with the Reptilian race. Thank God since the sight of this particular race is so unbearable they are able to shape shift into someone you take a “fancy” to.

Many hybrid babies when they are born look more human than their “counter part” of an alien being. These hybrid babies can have the human shaped head and human looking eyes and more so then a normal looking face of a human being. Many reports of “suspect” hybrids that I have encountered are quite tall. Both male and female hybrids can be almost seven feet tall. This can be a norm for hybrid beings. Is it possible that these hybrids are Nordics who are another alien race? Therefore if so, are Nordics living and have been here on our earth for centuries?

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