Inter-dimensional- Pronders and their life-line to the Universe

I receive interesting and sometimes amazing commentary from people describing their visitations to the Dreamworld. As I mentioned in last week’s post we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and dreaming. And I feel those eight hours could be spent more productively exploring the dream-state and remembering dreams for the 16 hour day-shift.
So here is an experience from the Dreamworld – In this place a group of beings (humanoids) was taking care of a group of their children (I guess a daycare type setting). Unlike us earthlings, who for the most part suppress a child’s love for life, this group of beings simulated them almost to the max. To balance this high level of chaos and excitement there was another group called the Pronders. The Pronders were best described as hybrid bird/human, bi-pedal, having long thin metallic segmented neck, elongated down covered head with beautiful eyes. They were two to three feet tall. They had long fingers and hands and had a graceful way about them. The communication between them and the humanoids was just “knowing”, nothing verbal or telepathic. But there was great comfort between all. This feeling coming from the Pronders can be described as monk-like, spiritual, loving and very peaceful. Our dream-traveler had a bit of anxiety because the Pronders looked quite fragile around this herd of wild children. But the Pronders were at total peace in the eye of the hurricane. When the children came close to the Pronders ,no one got hurt because they could occupy the same space, so the Pronders are from a close but different dimension.
It seems the Pronders’ purpose is to be a calming and to hold the spiritual base-line for the humanoids.
With the Pronders’ presence their high vibratory level keeps the Humanoids from losing their way, a tethered spiritual life-line. The Pronders allow the humanoids to explore the Universe in a totally fearless, doubt-free way.



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