Is their Earth Experiment over or What’s next?– Is it all True Series #125

The population of the world is presently 6.8 billion people and growing. The estimated population in 1 AD was 200 million people. and it took about 1800 years to get to the first billion and only 210 years to get the next 5.8 billion people.

Our population growth is out of control, no wonder we are suffering through chaos.
Some say the planet can only take care of about one billion humans and these people must be the caring types and treat Mother Earth in a respectful way.

I believe we are a product of alien seeding of our planet. The aliens wanted us to control our population; they didn’t want to be in the mix and responsible for us. But now we are at the tipping point and all of humanity and this planet is on edge of total collapse and they (the beings) cannot afford this failure. For we are here to provide them with something that is critical for their survival, what? (To be discussed in another post).

So the alien being’s experiment on our planet earth is out of control and I believe they know it and the fix is coming. So what can the fix be? Lets go through the list. First, they could use their beam weapons to create earthquake on weakened fault lines. Or they could modify the weather to produce floods or maybe a super virus to kill many of us. All these options are too messy and unpredictable to get to the desired result, a manageable human population.

So I believe they will take a more humane approach such making the total human population infertile. They could do this by x-ray, or gamma ray or a targeted virus – one of these methods could be directed to make all males infertile. Within 30 years the population would be halved. These alien groups have frozen millions of vials of human sperm over the last 60+ years of human abductions. After 30 year of no children, there will still be women on earth in their 30s to 40’s that can and will bear the new children of earth. The earth, as a physical planet, will heal with less human pressure and the population will stabilize at about one billion people.

So the experiment will be saved and they will still have a one billion people and the barn (the earth) is still standing.

Sleep tight -if they agree to take responsibility you will still live a prosperous and long live, if not… 2012 and beyond is looking a bit less exciting.


Poor Earth

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