It Isn’t Always Me Part 2 By Mary Muñoz © January 11, 2009

We ventured last week on an experience my husband Abe had. This week I would like to focus on several incidences that occurred over many years to my daughter Hannah. The incidents I share are the sole ownership of her and I do not take credit in them. I am very blessed that she is allowing me to share a bit of her time with you.
Hannah’s Moments
When I was about 3 or 4 years old my mom and I were driving home from McIntosh going toward Moriarty. I looked up in the sky and I see a cloud. Around the cloud appeared three cherubs. And I told my mom about them, but by the time I looked back they were gone.
When I was about 8 my mom and I were driving up Interstate 25 in Colorado. We were going to visit some friends in the Longmont area. We were just north of Walsenburg when I saw a shiny object that appeared to be two bowls stuck together and flatten a bit. There were black windows all the way around on top. I told my mom, but she couldn’t see it due to her driving. As I am trying to get her to focus on the direction it was it disappeared. This is toward the end of August 1998.
When I was about 14 years old we were visiting a friend’s house in southern Colorado. My mom and stepsister were up talking when there was a big bang against the house. I get up, look towards the window, where I see this orange orb hit the house, and it bounces off. Within a couple of minutes I become extremely ill. It hit the house so hard that it shook. I was the only one to get sick from it. My mom and stepsister didn’t see it, but they felt it when it hit.
Again we were in Colorado when I was outside of the tent where we were camping in. I look up towards the moon and there was this big star. The star moves toward the moon and it stays there for a minute. Then it just disappears. © Hannah Thoresen
These are just a few of the incidences that Hannah has seen over her lifetime. Each one left an impact on her life and that impression has led her to believe that there is more out there than what we realize. Next week we will share an interesting incident that included the entire family leaving us stranded uncertain how we would get home.

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