January 2012 Knowledge Newsletter By Sharon Cheney

Dear Friends,
I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year. May the coming year be filled with all that you wish for. Remember we can manifest whatever we desire so be sure you are clear about what you want.

What 2012 Will Bring

The long awaited 2012 has arrived and with it comes much concern about what the future will hold. There has been much ado in the media about the Mayan calendar and the ending of the world on December 21, 2012. I can assure you the world will not be ending on this date. What you experience will depend on whether you are heart centered or fear-based?

If you are heart centered and filled with love, you will experience the Golden Age we are about to enter. According to David Wilcock and Geoff Stray, both of whom have done a great deal of research, almost every religion and wisdom teaching speaks about this coming Golden Age, which according to ancient texts should start sometime in 2014. While they also speak about a time of earth changes and tribulations, not one of them predicts total annihilation.

Some mystics predict there will be two Earth’s – one functioning on third dimensional reality and another operating with fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness. Which one you will personally experience will depend on your level of consciousness? We already know what a world functioning with third dimensional consciousness looks like as we have been living with that reality for some time.

In a third dimensional world, many people feel dis-empowered and angry by the choices others make. The actions of our leaders have led to financial insecurity and a worldwide financial crisis that seems to be escalating rather than diminishing. We still have war or the threat of war in some areas. We have witnessed many earth changes around the globe that have caused great loss of life. We live in a world dominated by big corporations who have little concern for the man on the street. We are on a planet that is on a course of self-destruction because of the over use of natural resources and the refusal by big corporations to invest in research and development that would bring about the use of free energy.

What will the golden Age look like? It will be a world filled with peace, concern and compassion for others. A planet where there will be free energy and better use of our natural resources. It will be a world where every person will have access to clean water and food. A place where we take responsibility for the choices we make and the consequences they bring. A world filled with love for ourselves, others, animals, plants and even the planet itself. Where we will consider honor and duty to be important and where we will willingly choose a life of service to others. Imagine if everyone wanted to help others what the world would look like. We will live consciously in the moment and not by habits. This is world we have all been waiting for but have yet to experience.

In order to achieve this new reality, we are being asked to open our hearts in love. To sense a connection to all living beings, no matter their form. Without opening our hearts with love, we cannot achieve fourth dimensional consciousness. Without our speaking our truth and using our discernment, we are unable to access the wisdom we all possess. To achieve fifth dimensional consciousness, we must combine love and discernment to speak with wisdom.

We must be willing to be all that we can be and realize that we all have something to contribute. Many people have no idea that they are powerful beings who have chosen to be present at this time to help with Earth’s transformation. We must listen to our intuition as this is the only way to access our soul knowledge and understand who we really are. If we remain fearful of owning our power, which is a common fear, we will not experience this Golden Age.

Learning to love ourselves is a good place to start so we have a personal experience of what love really feels like. The start of the New Year is a perfect time to start practicing loving yourself and others. Pay attention to how much better you will feel when you love yourself and others unconditionally. You will notice that there is no room for judgment, fear, anger or mistrust in your life when you are heart centered.

When you come from a place of love, you carry that energy with you and it impacts whoever you encounter. You feel better and you help others just by being heart centered even if you say or do nothing. Naturally more people will want to be close to you because who does not want to receive

If you remain in fear, you will experience some of the negative events that have been predicted. When you are fear-based, you put yourself in a position to allow others to control you or take advantage. If you continue to have a slave mentality there will always be others who want to control you be they those close to you, the government or ET’s. The only way to a change this is to own your own power. When you say or do nothing, people assume you agree with them so speak up rather than give up. The best way to get ahead is to be orientated towards service to others not service to self as this is how the soul evolves.

You may be wondering why we are going through this shift at this time. Scientists have discovered that galaxies go through growth cycles. Naturally these occur over long periods of time. From the wisdom traditions of the Maya and other Indigenous groups that have been passed down through the ages, we know that not only is this time the end of another great processional cycle of 25,900 years but the end of a125,000 year cycle and others.

Right now the center of our galaxy is giving off waves of higher frequency energy which is impacting not only Earth but our entire solar system. Astronomers have already noticed changes in the auras or energy fields around all planets in our solar system. This higher frequency energy will affect our biology and will change our DNA from carbon based to silicon based. We all know from owning computers how much information one silicon chip can hold. So we can expect to have instant access not only to our own soul knowledge but to all information stored in the universal subconscious as Dr. Jung called it or the akashic records of the planet.

This new energy which we have already been experiencing will raise our consciousness, change our DNA, increase our psychic abilities and sensitivities, and the speed we can manifest what we want. We will be able levitate, tele-transport ourselves, communicate telepathically and much more. Of course when everyone can read your thoughts, you will have to be totally honest.

We are at the threshold. The time is now to make your decision to open your heart, speak your truth, and listen to your inner guidance rather than live in fear and makey our decisions based on past experiences. We all are powerful beings and now is the time to own our power, put our fears aside and trust all will be well.

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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance. Blessings to you all.
Sharon Cheney

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