LHC the Wonder or Doomsday Machine, will they save us.— Is it all True Series #52

The Collider is a mystery vehicle that only the world’s leading scientists understand. The large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest high-energy particle accelerator complex in the known world. There actually is probably another one in or near Dulce NM.

Twenty years and 10 billion dollars in the making, this wonder of the universe lies underneath the France-Switzerland border in Cern near Geneva Switzerland. Eight thousand scientists and 85 countries have worked on this super-project.

Is it a safe project? Most say yes, but a few will say that the LHC will create a big black hole and consume us all. The thought of doomsday particle physics has always been part of our culture. Two examples are Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons “ and Doug Preston’s book “Blasphemy”.

Protons along with other particles are shot around this tunnel/tube at 99.9999% the speed of light and then smash into each other creating more exotic matter and maybe a little anti-matter (the bad stuff). So on September 10th the Collider fired up with its first particle shooting through tube. The next day on the infamous September 11th the LHC system is totally shutdown due to a transformer failure. But on September 18th, it was back on track. Then the 19th brought an electrical failure causing a large leak of helium. Now we need to wait for 2 months or so before it will rock again.

Starting to sound a little bit fishy. It is hard to believe after 20 years of building, preparing, and testing- only 2 working days? What’s up Doc?

Orange Orbs / lights have been seen floating near the Collider location under the Alps. Are these Orbs/UFOs telling us something like, “Don’t fool with Mother Universe”? Remember it is well documented that many nuclear missile silos were deactivated on several occasions in the 70’s and 80’s here and around the world.

Chances are that humans are not ready to handle dark matter, anti-matter and crazy black holes. I personally think most aliens don’t care about the human race, but they do care for the beautiful blue earth and its wonderful other peaceful creatures. My educated guess is that the Hadron Collider will never truly get going again. Who knows, with the way things are going, we may only have a few months left. The alien beings may just be delaying action to try to save their planet-earth.



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