Newsletter from Generessa Rose, May 1, 2011 May Day & Equanimity

Dear Friends,

This morning I decided to do a shamanic journey to communicate with
Mother Earth and asked a question: What do you most need? The answer
she gave: Equanimity.

The word equanimity was unexpected, and because I like to be precise I
looked it up in my dictionary. The definition given for equanimity
is: *composure, even-tempered, especially in times of misfortune.*
Rationally looking around the globe these days, I can see why Mother
Earth chose the word equanimity; it is in such short supply.

This communication from Mother Earth seems particularly appropriate
for today when I realized that today is May Day. In many cultures
around the world, May Day festivities celebrate hope and the renewal
of life. On the other hand, it occurred to me that *Mayday* is also
an international radio-telephone distress signal used especially by
aircraft and ships. I think both definitions apply today.

We humans are riding an Earth ship, and for many people and the Earth
herself the times can be distressing, from mild to extreme. And yet,
at the same time we are offered opportunities to celebrate the renewal
of life and hope for a better future. An interesting thing to
contemplate this May Day.

I hope you will take time to center yourself in equanimity and
composure . . . and to intentionally send those energies into local or
global conditions . . . and into the planet herself. Celebrate the
gift of life you have and are.

ANNOUNCEMENT: May 15th I will be giving a presentation in Sedona, Arizona:
*2012: Shamanic News & Tools for Changing Times.* Popular buzz words
associate 2012 with apocalypse. Because the dictionary defines
apocalypse as *any remarkable revelation,* 2012 questions arise: What
is pressing to be unveiled? How does it impact your inner and outer
life? How does it influence the planet? Join Generessa in an
afternoon of revealing messages and information from her most recent
shamanic journeys exploring our changing times. Helpful tips and
tools will be given to assist you in a more smooth passage through
transformation and transitions. Enhance your ability to identify and
surf the energetic waves coming from the Earth and cosmos, and get
help to remain balanced and empowered while you approach and cross
each threshold that presents itself.

At the end of her presentation, Generessa will lead attendees on a
guided journey to Mother Earth, so that each person can receive
whatever information and messages best serve their awareness and well
being. For more information:

Wherever you are in the world, embody equanimity and celebrate life!

Generessa Rose

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