October NM UFO/Paranormal Forum Meeting – ABQ. Is it all True Series #254

This meeting was one of my favorite types, we call “the sharing,” which is the sharing of our personal experiences and this group can bring it. Having participated in other groups around the country, this is by far the most diverse of them all with stories covering the US, Canada, Mexico and at times other parts of the world.

Here are some of the stories that were shared. There was a prophecy story about a lady in black who approached a stranger to tell him about her brother’s recent alien encounter. The aliens reportedly told him that there would be a huge earthquake in Kobe, Japan in two weeks killing thousands – and yes it did happen in the two weeks that were predicted.

Next, there was a multiple sighting by 8 military air traffic controllers in Florida. As they watched a UFO closely trailed a large Air Force cargo plane. First they saw it on radar and as the plane landed the UFO were visible with their naked eyes. The UFO ended up over the air traffic tower hanging there for several minutes. Shortly after the UFO left the scene, the base was shut down and everyone was debriefed.

Then there was the story of the “Big Watch Eye.” It was a basketball size drone that was watching, scanning this person’s house for several minutes in the middle of a dense subdivision in daylight. Then there was the egg-shaped creature with some bird-like features – frightening a small group of people. There was also the story of the Santa Fe artist who had a close encounter with a UFO, and a Bigfoot during the same event. These encounters inspired her to paint some amazing art to share with the world.

And lastly there would not be a UFO meeting without a Roswell story. A friend of the speaker had a couple of Air Force friends who witnessed seeing the small bodies and the vehicle crash debris back in 1947; this testimony was given on their deathbeds.

Sleep tight, for a great man once said we are all a celebrity in some reality. And reality is not what it seems.

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