“Paul” Versus “Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls”Is it all True Series #203

The other night I spent a delightful evening with good friends watching a fun movie called “Paul” – where a Big Blue-eyed Grey alien named “Paul” hitches a ride in an RV with two wacky British guys and travels across the Western US. They are being chased by Black Agents of the Government to capture back Paul. It’s a very entertaining movie. But this movie keeps a bit of a sinister theme going which started with the movie “When the Earth Stood Still” and followed by other ones such as the famous Spielberg movie “ET”. What these movies have in common is the theme that these Grey types are really good guys, wanting to help us and heck they are kind of warm and even a bit cuddly.

Well the other side of the coin is a book I am now reading by Nigel Kerner called “Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls,” our souls. Granted much of his book I feel is at best a theory backed by some loose data. But my gut feeling after 40+ years of personal research into non-human encounters is that I am leaning towards Kerner’s theory that these Greys are/were here to genetically modify us for their strange agendas. Kerner further states that they in an indirect sense were/are our creators; in the sense they have been here for a very long time changing us for better or for worse. You know I thought I would never say this but what we call evolution is not what it seems. The animal and the plant world have moved on in an extremely slow snail’s pace, never able on its own to create man. Something I believe probably is that the Greys were the geneticists who took a fairly primitive primate and made it into modern man, and this didn’t happen overnight but took several thousands of years to get to where we are today.

And now back to our cuddly Grey guy – “ Paul” in the movie had way too much emotion, including humor. There are no Greys that have emotions. They are by definition Bio-bots. They are alive biologically, but void of the ability to feel love, suffering, and empathy and all the other emotions that makes us human. They are definitely here and they are harvesting something from us and they have been doing it for a very long time.
And harvesting our souls could be their final and ultimate harvest. Something they have longed for, for thousands of years.

Greys, maybe part of our creation process, but they not necessarily our good Shepherd, and definitely Not like “Paul”.

Sleep tight; the truth about the Greys will tip the world upside down, where it probably should be.


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  1. Based on all the research I’ve seen I’m sort of leaning towards the idea that the greys are good natured and there is another oposing force. I agree with the idea we were genetically modified. It makes no sense if we evolved from monkeys why did we loose our fur and tails? Especially in an ice age? The bible and other ancient testimonies of melevolent beings may have been eyewitness accounts of our genetic scientists (The Greys). We were created in their image. If that’s true, that sure explains the loss of fur and tails. We do not fit into the natural world, it’s obvious our DNA had been tampered with. I beleive the aliens may be deciding right now what to do with us because we are on the brink of self destruction. I think that one way they could deal with us is to create natural disasters to control our populations. If they are good natured killing us would be almost impossible to do and a natural disaster may be a way to justify the greater good, which is to reduce our population. It would be worse if we fell victem to our own demise and they surely must know this.
    Back to the DNA issue a genetic scientist came out to say that the evolution of monkey to man in the timeline that supposedly took place would be like a tornado blowing through a junkyard and assembling a 747 jet plane(Ancient Aliens Series on History Channel). I agree, that it just seems like mankind evolved too quick too fast. THe Mayans talk about the 3 prior ages of mankind and how they were created by the star people or Gods and it sort of supports the hominoids that existed and went extinct and current man as we are today.
    DIfferent topic, but back to the greys being more neutrally good natured the alien theorists suggest where they come from has a dying sun. The planet system (I wish I knew exactly)does exist and has earthlike planets, two of them and a sun that is around 8 billion years old. Our sun is middle aged around 4 billion so in a way it makes sense that an alien race with extrodinary technology would want to seek out a hospitable planet with a younger sun. The alien theorists have suggested they are stationed on the moon. NASA has evidence of not only UFOs but also pics of structures on the moon. In nature there cannot exist straight lines, straight lines are typically man made or constructed by intelligent means.
    In closing I would like to mention that if you believe in aliens or Gods I think it is our duty to demonstrate to both that we can get our act together. One eliminate currency as we know it, equal money system and a system that is sustainable and the rewards are greater than materials. Two we learn to control population outbreaks because if we don’t environmental pressure will take care of a species that is out of control. THis is natures law and we cant argue with that. And three we get rid of all nuclear devices, we don’t need them and they are too destructive.
    It would be great to hear back from anyone in regards to these topics. Not only do I find this stuff fascinating but I find myself consumed with trying to find a better way for mankind to co-existn with one another and I feel we should not wait for aliens and gods to save us. I don’t think that is what Gods or Aliens would want to do either. I do not like to punish my kids and try to empower my kids with knowledge to make the right decisions in their lives.
    This has been great, I cannot find too many people wanting to talk about this stuff.
    Take care,



  2. Alex, I’m a bit tired of people saying we evolved FROM apes. Who even thought up any of that shit? No self respecting scientist believes that, and neither did Darwin. Darwin simply says we share a COMMON ANCESTOR, meaning apes and humans evolved from the same organism, NOT that we evolved from apes and lost our tails/fur. That is an absurd, and absolutely ridiculous claim. If that’s why you think this guy is correct, then it is time for a reality check.

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