Sharing at the UFO/Paranormal Forum January Meeting Is it all True Series #217

This meeting had a great turnout and with 13 newbie attendees it made a quite interesting crowd. At least once a year this UFO/Paranormal group changes the format into an open forum. And wow amazing stories, theories and more come out to play. I believe there is no group anywhere in the US that possesses such powerful information. I believe they have been drawn together to create some type of reservoir of truth, which when the time is right, they will share their wisdom with others whom are ready for it.

One of the first people to speak was a Cattle Mut investigator, who has been traveling the southwest for years documenting the gruesome cattle mutations, on video, and recording the events with other sophisticated equipment. She stated her best guess on who is responsible today was our wonderful government, but maybe Aliens in the past. She left us saying this mystery is still happening today.

Next, we had Diane talking about her spook-light experiences on a rural road located between Oklahoma and Missouri. These strange lights have been a mystery for 40 years or more dating back to when only the Indians roamed those hills.

Next, a lady related her vivid dreams of another amazing world where she had this second job, preparing for something big in this lifetime.

Then Irene spoke about living in Northeastern New Mexico and the many sighting and experience she and her family have had over the years, fireballs, witches, and large UFOs.

Then there were the strange noises around the US and the world; many had their theories about them. Here in New Mexico many feel they are large drilling machines continuing the tunnel projects connecting our many underground bases.

And last but not least we finished strong with all the 911 conspiracy theory stuff; some in the audience had some pretty solid pieces of evidence. It will make you think, if you are not afraid to think.

Sleep tight, and I hope if you have the interest, that you are lucky to find a group this one, to hang out with and talk about the possibilities. You will be blessed.


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