I’ve mentioned hybrids previously. Most likely if you are a female abductee you know about Hybrid babies, children. Apparently when a young abductee girl starts her menses I believe the extraterrestrials wait until the female abductee is over the age of fifteen? I’m not sure at what given age the extraterrestrials will begin to impregnate a young woman. I’ve had just a couple of now older women clients who through hypnosis was guided back to a time in their early teen years when they experienced giving birth to an “unusual looking baby”. I constantly hear the familiar words as this baby is being described. A baby that is the size of or a little bit larger than their hand. “A baby who looks like them, and looks like me”. Normally this baby will have the large shaped almond eyes, scraggly hair, and a very thin small body. On its hands you will notice either three long fingers without the thumb, or the baby may indeed have all ten fingers and toes. Normally you are awake during the birthing, while male and female Grey’s are delivering this baby. As soon as this baby is born, this naked baby is given to its human mother to hold and cuddle. Then after a while this little baby is taken to a nursery.

Now imagine if this was your daughter between the ages of fifteen say to seventeen years old, experiencing having an “unusual looking baby”. Oh yes, gestation of hybrid babies is only three months as hybrid babies grow fast in a human mother’s womb. These hybrid babies are seemingly full term babies when they are removed from the human mother. After the third month of pregnancy the “new mother” is once again abducted to give birth to this baby.

So a young human female who has never been pregnant with a human baby and now she is producing hybrid babies. What does this do to her psychic?? This can be a very traumatic experience for the young woman. Normally with this type of experience the young mother will not ever talk about the experience providing she is given the memory of the birth when she is brought back to her home (normally by the Greys’) and put into her own bed. If memory of the birth is allowed by the Greys’, the young mother will normally conceal the information within her own unconscious mind never to let the information be revealed to anyone, as she tries to succeed to suppress the experience, making the experience feel “unreal” to her…..until the process is once again repeated by the Greys’.

Therefore a human woman can give birth to many hybrids during her life time. A fifty plus year old woman still can be impregnated by these Greys’. If the woman has had a full hysterectomy, the Grey’s I am told will use the stomach area as a womb to hold this hybrid baby. If the ovaries are left in a woman after her hysterectomy then ovaries still produce human eggs thus taken the substance producing from a male Grey can still produce a hybrid baby using the stomach as a womb. When the human ovaries are removed, then using human female eggs from another female abductee are mixed in a Petri dish with the substance from a male Grey and implanted into the incubator of a human female so that the baby can grow for three months in its human mother. See you soon with continuation on this subject.

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