The Rock Giants by Storyteller – Priscilla Garduno Wolf

In my book “Wolf and White Eagle Indian Tales.”
Thousands of years ago, many giants walked the earth.
Many were seen all over the world at that time.
Grandmother-Little Woman-would say story’s passed down from her people,
that the black planet had came close to the earth –
thousands years ago and gas that filled the air killed all big animals and the giant people.
As time passed they became extinct .
A family of three were left in the valley close to the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, in Colorado.
The father, mother and son survived for a while.
They were very sad, every where they went they seen no one.
Let’s travel to the South they said to each other.
The air was getting harder to breathe.
As they got to the small town of Tres Piedas, New Mexico.
They laid down to rest and never got up.
They turned into three rocks.
Grandmother said: the three rocks are the last family of giants.
Called in Spanish- Tres Piedas.
So now days you see where many rock giants are sleeping or standing.
in my book photo below the story is of two Giants frozen in time, as Rock Mountains on the Chama Trail in New Mexico….

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